Google Cloud Joins MACH Alliance as Enabler Member

Yesterday, the MACH Alliance announced that Google Cloud will join its ranks as a MACH Enabler, becoming the latest addition to the organization's fast-growing community of composable platforms. 

Google Cloud will play an important role as a foundational cloud and infrastructure provider alongside other Enabler members, including Netlify, Mongo DB, Vercel, Webscale, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The MACH Alliance now boasts more than 70 members in its best-of-breed technology ecosystem.

“The MACH Alliance has quickly become the face of advocacy when it comes to pushing for a new standard for IT architectural excellence,” said Chris Colyer, Worldwide Head of Retail Industry Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We see the future in headless and composable commerce and it’s important for us to be a part of the community to which a number of our partners belong. Through our membership, we can truly support those partners while championing open and cloud-native technology ecosystems as they grow in relevance and competence.”

“Hey Google, what's a MACH Alliance Enabler?”

No need to consult your Google Home assistant – we've got the answer.

The MACH Alliance added its specialized Enabler membership category in December 2021, reserved for companies that provide an essential platform or infrastructure solution to MACH Alliance members. Enablers typically provide monitoring, data storage, cluster or container management, tracing, service meshing, API gateways, and orchestration.

While they don't offer a direct MACH product or service, Enablers help power MACH solutions for other vendors – making them an integral part of the ecosystem. 

“Having a brand like Google Cloud aligned with our organization is a powerful indicator that the market shift toward composable is speeding up and becoming mainstream,” said Casper Ramussen, MACH Alliance president. “This shift represents a major challenge to the position of long-established enterprise suites, and we’re in the right place at the right time for our movement to really scale. The Enabler category is ripe for growth over the next 12 months and critical to the success of MACH across all industries.”

Rapid Growth for MACH

The adoption of MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless) has continued to disrupt the previously monolith-dominated tech landscape. With leading global brands like AWS – and now Google Cloud – joining the MACH Alliance Enabler category, it's clear that MACH has achieved a new tier of industry validation, likely leading to more adoption in the future. 

In just under three years, the MACH Alliance has transitioned from four founding members to 15 at launch, to now more than 70. This is due in no small part to the rising demand for composable solutions that eliminate vendor lock-in, decrease the need for re-platforming, accelerate time-to-market, improve personalization and experimentation, and more. 

About the MACH Alliance

The MACH Alliance is a [501(c)(6)] non-profit organization, governed by an independent board and does not endorse specific vendors, members, or otherwise. The Alliance was formed in June 2020 to help enterprise organizations navigate the complex modern technology landscape. It aims to guide and show the business advantage of open tech ecosystems that are Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless. All MACH Alliance members meet certification principles that are published on the website.

The MACH Alliance welcomes technology companies and individual industry experts who share the same vision for the future. Learn more at, read here about MACH certification and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.