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Adobe Sucks Magento into their Dark Experience Cloud

By Mike Johnston | 23 hours ago

Here's a bit of a shocker for the day, I just received notification that Adobe has entered into an agreement to purchase Magento Commerce for $1.68 billion! Adobe has a history of sucking companies into their Adobe Experience Cloud (or Dark Experience Cloud as I call it), effectively making the brand disappear which is no…

wordpress login

Your WordPress Login – A Guide on Finding It, Customizing it and Keeping it Protected

By Mike Johnston May 14, 2018

A common question that often gets asked by those who've installed WordPress for the first time or been given a brand new WordPress website from their developer is “How do I log in to my WordPress site?” In this gude, I'm not only going to tell you how to do it but I'm also going…

website builders for photography websites

Top 8 Website Builders for Photography Websites

By Mike Johnston May 7, 2018

Photography websites are all about the pictures. If you are creating a website for your photography business, you need a CMS or Website Builder that lets you make huge galleries and amp up your graphics potential. Your CMS should make it incredibly easy to upload photos and prominently display them. We've done a roundup of…

Static Site Generators vs Flat File CMS - Is there a Difference?

Static Site Generators vs Flat File CMS – Is there a Difference?

By Mike Johnston May 4, 2018

When it comes to building a website, it can be confusing trying to distinguish between all of the possible solutions and technologies that are laid out before us. As such, I wanted to write this article to help clear up the mistakes made by others who've written about this topic. I'll be reaching out and…

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Duda Review: A Powerful Platform for Web Design Agencies

By Mike Johnston April 30, 2018

Duda is a comprehensive digital platform for agencies that promises to do more than just help them build professional-looking websites. Unlike blogging platforms, content management systems, and other cloud-based site builders, Duda focuses on technology that encompasses brand-building, client management, and team collaboration for businesses and digital agencies. To help determine if the platform is…

Stop Screen Tearing with Optimus Laptops using Nvidia Drivers in Linux (Including Ubuntu 18.04)

By Mike Johnston April 27, 2018

Is screen tearing while using Nvidia drivers in Linux driving you nuts? Do you have an Optimus laptop? I believe we may have a solution for you! I experienced this issue for quite some time before finally finding a fix. This would happen in Ubuntu Mate, Ubuntu and similar distributions where Prime was used as…