Free eBook: 8 Signs Your Brand Needs a Social Intranet

To wrap up our elcomCMS featured week, we’re taking a look at Elcom Technology’s latest eBook; “8 Signs You Need a Social Intranet”.


So far during this, I’ve looked at elcomCMS’s stance as a CMS, LMS and Intranet solution, its aim to supercharge the productivity of workforces through social intranets, and its solutions for Hyundai in Australia.

In fact, one of the ways elcomCMS was able to help Hyundai in Australia, was through the implementation of a social intranet.

What is a Social Intranet?

An intranet helps to bring an organisation together in order to communicate and collaborate faster and easier.

Features like user profiles, asset management, workflows and directories help to unite each and every worker with the information they need – and fast.

elcomCMS has all of that, but it also goes a step further.

Social elements have been blended into the mix, giving Elcom’s intranet solution a casual twist.

Social feeds for example, similar to the ones found on Facebook or Twitter, give staff members a way to promote ideas, share opinions and ask for assistance, without having to leave the intranet.

Plus, the usage of blog posts, forums, social Q&A, hash-tagging and @tagging, all help to round off a traditional intranet with all the modern social trimmings. A social intranet.

The Pain Points

Elcom Technology’s eBook focuses on the core pain points felt by brands large and small.

For example, workers often struggle to access documents when out of the office. Elcom claims to have the solution:

“Information on your intranet should be accessible from anywhere, anytime on any device. Your mobile intranet is the key to closing that next deal, training your staff, auditing compliance, finishing projects on time and supporting everyone’s need to get the job done efficiently.”

Additionally, Elcom’s eBook tackles the problem of meeting management, which is a typically tiresome process:

“Create the event and agenda, post to the calendar, trigger the invitation and all the reminders to send automatically to the group, then use your social stream to post changes and drive them back to the calendar for updates.”

Download the Free eBook

8 Signs You Need a Social Intranet is an eBook that is totally free to download. You only need to sign up with your name and email address in order to access the document.

Furthermore, you can visit elcomCMS via our CMS Directory for more information.