elcomCMS: Motivating Workforces, Increasing Productivity & Driving Sales

The digital age has changed everything.

Processes that used to require teams of workers operating extensive hardware, can now be managed from a smartphone by a single person.

And yet, motivating a workforce is something that modern brands still battle with. Staff members still need fresh challenges, targets to aim for, colleagues to lean on, and information to work with.

elcomCMS aims to motivate workforces, increase productivity and drive sales through enterprise-grade intranets and extranets. Let’s take a closer look at how.

Integrations, Workflows, and Multi-site Functionality

elcomCMS is responsible for the intranets of top brand companies, including the likes of Hyundai, The Fred Hollows Foundation, Raine & Horne & Taking Shape. So it goes without saying that Elcom Technology, the Australian company behind the product, knows a thing or two about how to promote efficiency amongst enterprise-level workforces.

Their mobile-friendly intranet solution integrates with third-party tools like Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and HP Trim in order to keep existing documents in check, and also to cause minimal disruption upon deployment.

A wide range of built-in features make elcomCMS a beneficial platform right out of the box. Those features include; a powerful workflow engine, a corporate directory, asset management and version control.

And yet, more functionality can be added via optional modules such as; blogs, wikis, forums, event management, to-do lists, and more.

Additionally, elcomCMS’ multi-site management capabilities mean that their intranets can integrate with existing web instances, including; websites, extranets and external databases.

A Walk on the Social Side

elcomCMS’ Intranet solution also offers up social elements to help bring workforces together in a way that’s more casual yet still professional. And of course, efficiency remains the goal despite the inherent informality of social features.

Social feeds for example, just like the ones you find on Facebook or Twitter, give staff members a great medium to promote ideas, share opinions and ask for assistance – all without having to leave the company intranet.

Furthermore, the usage of blog posts, discussion forums, crowd-sourcing tools, social Q&A, hash-tagging and @tagging, all come together to create a harmonious and familiar social work environment.

The familiarity is thanks to these social elements being borrowed from popular social networking websites and online communities like Twitter and Quora. This familiarity helps to ensure a shorter learning curve, too.

With these social elements in place, whole departments can collaborate in a way that promotes communication on a regular basis. A useful supplement to traditional emails and office meetings.

A Short (and Free) Intranet Webinar

According to Gartner, a staggering 84% of organisations today have a remote workforce. With this global trend, organisations are challenged to keep an increasingly distributed workforce collaborative and productive.

In this webinar, Josh Anstey, VP of Customer Solutions at Elcom, shares industry insights into effectively using Intranets to communicate with a distributed workforce.

Check out elcomCMS on our CMS Directory for more insight, and stay tuned for more featured coverage throughout the next week.

On a side note, elcomCMS has recently released a beneficial eBook titled, “8 signs you need a social intranet”. You can download your free copy here.