elcomCMS: CMS, LMS & Intranets

We’re kicking off another featured week here at CMS Critic, and this time, we’re focusing on elcomCMS.

Boasting clients such as Hyundai, VolksWagen and Target Australia, elcomCMS was born out of Sydney, Australia, by Elcom Technology back in 1996.

The enterprise-grade platform has been utilized by brands and government bodies across the world for projects including; websites, corporate intranets, social intranets, mobile sites, eCommerce websites, and more.

To get everybody acquainted with elcomCMS, I’m going to take a look at its core functions revolving around web content management, Intranets and its stance as a learning management system.

elcomCMS as a Web Content Management System

elcomCMS is able to power websites and web-based instances fit for the world’s largest brands.

Some core features include; in-line editing, WYSIWYG content editing, drag-and-drop layouts, themes, powerful search functionality, team workspaces, Bootstrap front-end support, and much more.

The multi-site enabled design of elcomCMS gives brands the power to manage multiple websites, intranets, micro-sites and similar projects, via a single elcomCMS instance.

elcomCMS is also a modular product, meaning that additional features can be acquired via a long list of modules. Pre-defined module packs are also available for brands working within specific industries.

For example, elcomCMS’ long list of modules can open the door to; A/B testing, eCommerce, social Q&A, store locating, user memberships, and so forth.

Learn more about elcomCMS’ content management features.

elcomCMS as a an Intranet Solution

Corporate intranets are fast becoming the central communication and collaboration hub for brands and organisations the world over.

elcomCMS provides a focus on the organization, searchability and maintenance of internal documentation and knowledge assets.

It integrates with third-party solutions like Microsoft Office and SharePoint, and boasts over 100 features and modules, including; document management, version control, real-time updates, blogs, wikis, forums, a powerful search function, a workflow engine, and more.

Plus, thanks again to elcomCMS’ multi-site management capabilities, intranets can integrate with existing web instances including websites, extranets and external databases.

elcomCMS also caters for brands with staff members on the move, with mobile-friendliness coming out of the box with their Intranet solution.

Furthermore, elcomCMS streamlines the workload surrounding staff detail administration, with a powerful directory resting upon directory hooks and single sign-on technology.

Learn more about elcomCMS’ as an intranet solution.

elcomCMS as a Learning Management System

elcomCMS is also capable of handling staff training projects. Impressively, Volkswagen and Kia make use of the platform to manage all of their dealership training programs

Features include; a simple visual user interface for mapping training programs, reports for employee progress, user profiles, to-do lists, visual qualification pathways, and more.

As ever, elcomCMS bridges the gap between its solutions by enabling organizations to offer their training courses through their elcomCMS intranets or portals.

Learn more about elcomCMS as a learning management system.

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On a side note, elcomCMS has recently released a beneficial eBook titled, “8 signs you need a social intranet”. You can download your free copy here.