Powering Powerful Brands: How elcomCMS Drives Hyundai Online

As we move through our week of featured coverage for elcomCMS, I feel that now is an ideal time to take a look at how the enterprise-grade platform has and will help enterprises.

Previously during this featured week, I touched on elcomCMS’s stance as a CMS, LMS and Intranet solution, and its aim to supercharge the productivity of workforces through social intranets.

One of many large brands making use of elcomCMS, is Hyundai – the world renowned car manufacturer. With 144 dealerships and 29 service points operating throughout Australia, they needed a platform capable of handling a heavy load, in all respects.

Let’s take a look at how Elcom Technology revamped Hyundai’s Australian online presence and Intranet infrastructure.

The Challenges

As you might imagine, implementing a new website and intranet for a brand as large as Hyundai, was no easy task.

elcomCMS had their work cut out for them. They needed to:

  • Replace the existing intranet
  • Develop an extranet for the ‘Auto-net Portal’
  • Replace the corporate website with a Content Management System in HTML and flash, allowing publisher to update flash content as well as other areas of the site
  • Provide management with the option to centralize or decentralize certain publishing properties

Here’s how Elcom Technology, along with Hyundai’s Information Technology (IT) and Marketing business units, got the job done.

The Solution

Elcom Technology and Hyundai worked together to produce a number of solutions for the list of challenges detailed above.

The intranet consisted of an Active Directory integrated information portal and collaboration environment.

Hyundai’s corporate website was to be supported by a WCMS, with embedded tracking and reporting functionality. This also included multi-site functionality, which helped to keep all 144 dealer websites under close control.

A dealer portal was also implemented, acting as a secure environment for the 144 dealers to access bulletins and sales related information. An owner's portal was also set up, to help Hyundai customers access personalized content.

RSS Syndication was also used, to aggregate content throughout the various areas of the

Hyundai intranet, extranet and corporate website instances.

According to Balasundaram Kothandaraman, Hyundai’s Senior Manager of IT, it was elcomCMS’ flexibility that made it the right fit for the job:

“Elcom was incredibly flexible and met all of the challenges of implementing this project head-on. They have created a system that meets all of our business needs, with continued room for growth.”

The Elcom Technology team made use of a range of elcomCMS modules to get the job done.

The modules used included; the form builder, dynamic content widgets, forums, membership, workflow, knowledge base, and more.

The full case study, which details the elcomCMS-powered solution for Hyundai’s website and intranet, can be downloaded here.

Furthermore, you can visit elcomCMS via our CMS Directory for more insight, and stay tuned for more featured coverage throughout the next week.

On a side note, elcomCMS has recently released a beneficial eBook titled, “8 signs you need a social intranet”. You can download your free copy here.