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This week we covered a high level overview of Solodev as well as the Solodev Web Experience Platform, Solodev's state of the art cloud infrastructure in Amazon Web Services as well as Solodev's new enterprise support offerings. Today we will showcase a few websites built using Solodev.


The Solodev Platform empowered OneBlood to drive the customer journey from homepage visit to appointment scheduling and all the way to an actual blood donation. When OneBlood’s technological infrastructure was put to the test with a 2700% increase in traffic overnight, Solodev leveraged the power of Amazon Web Services to auto-scale resources accordingly until the traffic leveled out and resources were auto-scaled down to normally required levels.

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CNL Financial

CNL Financial harnessed the power of Solodev and Amazon Web Services to better inform financial advisors and promote investments on a scalable and secure platform. Built in Solodev on the AWS Infrastructure, CNL’s websites, including its Solodev-powered Mobile App, feature robust and scalable document sharing platforms for portfolio offerings with granular permissions, features and functionality that allow for quick updates to time sensitive information, as well as the publication of new content after FINRA approval. CNL’s multiple websites and mobile app also enjoys the benefits of unparalleled security and structural integrity provided by Solodev’s partnership with Amazon Web Services.

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Springstone Hospitals

With the power of Solodev and Amazon Web Services, Springstone, Inc. was able to rapidly deploy location-specific content to their user-facing hospital websites – all on a scalable, secure platform. Springstone’s multiple websites feature comprehensive functionality that allow each hospital to utilize the Solodev platform to rapidly deploy location-specific content to their user-facing websites. With granular permissions, features and functionality that allow for quick updates to their user-facing websites, Springstone also enjoys the benefits of unparalleled security and structural integrity provided by Solodev’s partnership with Amazon Web Services.

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Decide DeKalb

Decide DeKalb was empowered to attract companies and entrepreneurs to DeKalb County through its user-facing website using the power of the Solodev Web Experience Platform. The Solodev Platform provides the team at Decide DeKalb with the ability to quickly add new site content, making it possible for Decide DeKalb to quickly customize content that targets businesses and industries in the recruitment process. The Website is securely hosted within Amazon Web Services, which offers full disaster recovery, and easy scalability to 100,000 concurrent users by leveraging the Amazon Content Delivery Network (CDN).

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Seminole County Public Schools

Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) is the 12th largest school district in Florida and is 60th nationally with more than 67,000 students and 10,000 employees. Beautifully designed and easy to manage, the SCPS Website is fully responsive and scalable on-demand. Empowered by Solodev’s comprehensive software training and 24×7 support, the SCPS staff can now leverage the power of the Solodev Web Experience Platform to manage their website and deliver engaging web experiences.

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Florida Dairy Farmers Association

Solodev empowered FDF to more effectively deliver its message and meets its online objectives. The ability of site administrators to easily keep it fresh with interactive content has resulted in big improvements in three key areas of engagement targeted by FDF leadership in the redesign. Site traffic compared to the identical period year over year shows the bounce rate down by almost 40 percent. At the same time, the pages per session more than doubled to 3.93 and the average time spent on the site doubled as well to 3:13. The highly customizable Solodev Web Experience Platform allows even the most non-technical of users to keep the site updated with new content. With a hosting infrastructure supported by Amazon Web Services, the site is secure, faster, and significantly less prone to experience downtime.

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Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

The power of the Solodev platform made it possible for the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center (DPAC) to drive the customer experience from homepage visit to seat selection and all the way to opening night. DPAC benefits from their website being built in Solodev’s cloud infrastructure. This includes automation to scale the performing arts center’s applications based on time or load as well as dynamic configuration to orchestrate changes as traffic surges occur. This allows DPAC to schedule the allocation of their applications by adding servers prior to the sale of tickets for upcoming show releases.

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Florida Department of Education

Solodev empowered the staff at FLDOE to manage the user experience after building their award-winning website in the Solodev Platform. After the site was initially developed, FLDOE staff quickly learned how to use Solodev and took full ownership by adding new sections, pages and content in preparation for launch. Solodev configured and provides ongoing management of the site’s robust hosting environment. Currently averaging nearly 30,000 users per day, the site was developed to scale in response to peak demand periods and has more than enough capacity to accommodate 100,000 concurrent users when necessary.

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*Solodev is currently offering a 14 Day Free Trial of the Solodev Web Experience Platform. This includes an instance of Solodev on an Amazon EC2 server as well as 50GB of storage, 2GB of memory, as well as email and chat support. You can also purchase Solodev on the AWS Marketplace with plans starting at $99/month.

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