Exploring the Solodev Web Experience Platform

It’s time to kick off another featured week, this time with Solodev, winner of our People’s Choice Award for “Best Cloud CMS of 2016”. Solodev is a cloud-based enterprise-grade web experience platform designed to empower organizations and developers to build beautiful websites and deliver amazing digital experiences.

Launched in 2006, Solodev is well established in the content management space, serving clients across the globe in a wide range of verticals.

As new trends and practices have emerged in the CMS space, the Solodev team has carefully constructed its latest software release with two major points of focus: the digital experience and their new cloud infrastructure.

Solodev’s latest release comes with a marketing toolbox to help marketers and content authors tailor the digital experience to the end user. Additionally, Solodev is now fully optimized for the entire Amazon Web Services product suite, giving users the ability to rapidly deploy websites with unparalleled levels of security and scalability. As they pivot towards the cloud and digital experiences, Solodev continues to add to its existing functionality and pave the way within the enterprise WCMS industry. Solodev also released their first flavor of their platform for Windows adding to an already lengthy list of achievements in 2016.

Over the next five days we will be reviewing the three pillars of Solodev:

  • The Solodev Web Experience Platform
  • Solodev’s New Cloud Environment
  • Solodev’s New U.S. Based Enterprise Support Offering

The Solodev Web Experience Platform

Solodev is a platform that boasts interactive page building, built-in analytics, landing page creation and management, a framework to easily build custom applications, and the ability to deliver the right experience to the right audience at the right time through content targeting to different customer segments. But perhaps most importantly for big brands, Solodev has the security and scalability that comes with being housed in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

Enterprise Content Management in the Cloud

Solodev’s move to the cloud allows brands to leverage Solodev as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. That means once you’re signed up your brand will have everything it needs to kick off its large-scale web project, instantaneously. Solodev delivers robust support for elastic load balancing, auto scaling, global CDNs, and disaster recovery – keeping customer data safe and secure across Amazon Web Services global network of state-of-the-art data centers.

AWS provides a cloud-based experience with world-renowned infrastructure and rapid content delivery. Solodev hasn’t tried to re-invent the wheel here; they’ve used the best technology to support their platform. It’s that simple.

Thanks to that intelligent decision, Solodev users benefit from:

  • Scalability
    • Elastic Load Balancing
    • Auto Scaling
    • Elastic File Storage
  • Global CDN
    • AWS CloudFront
  • Availability Zones
  • Security
    • 24/7/365 Monitoring
    • Server Redundancy
    • Network Firewalls
    • IP-based restrictions

*Click here for a map of Amazon Web Services availability zones

The benefits of Solodev’s AWS Cloud Infrastructure don’t stop there, though. The sheer amount of server availability zones across the globe puts your website close to your audience, no matter where they are in the world.

Furthermore, Solodev is capable of scaling up resources at any time (like, during peak hours or peak season), before scaling them back down again during quieter periods. And what’s more is, you only pay for the resources that your sites uses. Now that’s intelligent.

Superb Support Options

Solodev offers an unparalleled online knowledge base packaged with hundreds of pages of documentation and how-to-guides and videos to guide you through using the Solodev Platform. Solodev also rolled out an online support ticketing system that is available to all Solodev users. This is further backed by an industry leading web development blog that equips readers with the knowledge they need in order to build better websites, particularly on the Solodev Platform.

And if all of that isn’t enough, Solodev released a new offering called “Solodev Launch” that can provide dedicated launch teams to augment your internal IT department “a la carte” with your online project development needs.

Getting Started with Solodev

Solodev offers three subscription plans for brands to get started with their platform. Plans start from $99/month as shown below.

  • Small – Single Server Instance ($99/month)
  • Medium – Single Server Instance ($399/month)
  • Cluster – Multi Server Cluster ($1,830/month)
  • Enterprise – Multi Server Cluster (Call 1-800-859-7656 for details)
  • Enterprise – On-Premise (Call 1-800-859-7656 for details)

*For more information on Solodev Pricing, visit their pricing page.

To learn more about Solodev, check out their website at www.solodev.com and their Solodev CMSCritic Listing. And of course, be sure to stay tuned for more featured coverage during this Solodev featured week.