Tackling The Mobile World with 1&1 Internet

A responsive web presence is no longer a luxury feature. It’s an absolute must have.

As new devices and screens roll out year after year, Internet surfers no longer rely solely on their desktop machines. Thus, businesses need to be ready for visitors using laptops, tablets, smartphones, watches and even TVs, all at the same time.

Thankfully, 1&1 Internet offers all the tools needed to help customers offer a web property that’s mobile optimized, for a mobile world.


Previously during this 1&1 featured week, we’ve looked at the web host’s customer support services, and discussed how 1&1 endeavours to be more than just a website host for their customers.

Now though, let’s shift our focus to their mobile toolkit.

Mobile Out of The Box

Having a mobile-ready website design right out of the box would be great, wouldn’t it? 1&1 Internet thinks so too.

For those who leverage their 1&1 MyWebsite or 1&1 Online Store products, a range of 100% mobile responsive designs are available right out of the box.

There’s no need for any technical knowledge, as each template is designed to adjust to different screen sizes (while maintaining its good looks), all by themselves.

Furthermore, even non-customers of 1&1 can benefit, as 1&1 Internet’s Mobile Website Builder can help turn a PC-ready website into one optimized for mobile devices.

Website Management on the Move

Your customers are mobile, and so are you.

To help you stay on top of your website management tasks while on the go, 1&1 Internet offers up an array of apps and solutions.

Blog App

First up, is the Blog App. As the name suggests, customers on-the-go can update and edit their MyWebsite blog directly from their phones with the 1&1 MyWebsite Blog app. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Whether you are at an industry conference, photoshoot, or meeting, this is the easiest and fastest way to publish new content and photos to your blog.

The Analytics App

This app enables customers to analyze their most important website stats and data no matter where they are. Details can be viewed as a list or in chart form from custom time periods.Download it now from Google Play or iTunes.

The Storage App

Available with all 1&1 hosting contracts, the Storage app gives customers access to all the data located in their online storage folders directly from their smartphone or tablet. This makes working on the go much more efficient. Check it out for Android and iOS.

Tablet Editing

Last but not least, is tablet editing. 1&1 MyWebsite users can enjoy editing their website content – including text, images and apps – through their Apple or Android powered tablets.

So, all in all, it’s safe to say that with 1&1 Internet as back up, tackling today’s mobile world should be a breeze.

To find out more about 1&1 Internet as a web hosting solution, check out their website.