A Look at 1&1 Internet’s Customer Centric Approach

Sometimes, a company just seems approachable. Friendly, even. 1&1 Internet is one such company.

It could be the branding, or the simple user interfaces, or perhaps even the company’s marketing efforts as a whole. Whatever it is, it’s working.

However, the true approachability of a company is either proven or exposed at one crucial point: customer support.


To kick off our featured week with 1&1 Internet, we’re taking a look at their excellent level of customer support – an area of their business which they take very seriously.

24 Hour Expert Support

If you have already sampled a variety of website hosting companies, you will likely know of the agony of customer support being “offline” when you’re facing a problem that’s proving hard to solve.

If you’re totally new to the world of web hosting, then you’ll just have to take my word on it being a painfully frustrating time.

Your website needs to be up and running all the time, and if it isn’t an absent web host simply isn’t good enough.

Here's where 1&1’s customer focus comes in.

With 24-hour support, you can approach their support staff at any time of the day (or night), via phone or email.

The kicker, however, is that 1&1 Internet doesn’t just give you access to support staff, they give you access to experts. Specializing in platforms like WordPress and Joomla, these members of their support team can help tackle your CMS problems faster.

Social Support

Sometimes you have more of a query than a problem.

For those less urgent matters, 1&1 Internet’s support system offers a social dimension to get things straightened out in a more casual manner.

First and foremost, is the 1&1 Community. Here, useful articles and tips are distributed, with contributions coming from the 1&1 community itself. There’s nothing like advice from people who are in the same digital boat.

Next, the 1&1 Internet blog is geared towards entrepreneurs looking to grow their business online, with 1&1 Internet powering their web properties. Their blog posts typically serve up business tips, advice, trends, and news from industry experts.

And finally, the company has created a team dedicated towards handling inquiries via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Forums, etc). This Social Support team …

Center of Attention

With 24-hour support, a regularly updated blog and a community to reach out to at any time, 1&1 Internet is designed to put you – the customer – at the center of attention.

And if you ever feel like you aren’t, 1&1 even offers a massive online knowledge base, where a wide range of common support questions are answered in detail, with images and annotations.

It’s this customer centric attitude that makes 1&1 Internet an excellent web hosting solution, particularly for those new to website hosting.

To find out more about 1&1 Internet as a web hosting solution, check out their website.