1&1 Hosting: Not just Web Space

Web hosting used to be a basic affair. You had the code, and your web host had the space to store it for showing off online. That’s about as far as it went.

But today, a web host shouldn’t be just a web host.


As the Internet continues to transform, spurring customers into demanding more quantity and better quality, it’s vital that your web host can provide the power and flexibility you need for what’s happening today, as well as for whatever new trend hits tomorrow.

Continuing our featured week on from yesterday’s look at 1&1 Internet’s customer centric approach, let’s now delve into how the web hosting company exceeds being just a place to hang your website.

Features You Can Grow With

To go with its promise of 99.9% uptime for all websites, 1&1 Internet gives their users everything they need to build and grow their online presence.

Firstly, with WordPress being the most popular software on the web for building websites, 1&1 Internet serves up specialized WordPress Hosting solutions.

The WordPress Hosting package comes bundled with a setup plugin exclusive to 1&1 customers, which simplifies installation and site configuration in just 3 steps. Plus, 1&1 Internet recommends selected plugins based on the customer’s chosen industry.

1&1 Internet also offers two avenues into web hosting, Safe Mode and Free Mode, catering to both new and experienced users.

Safe Mode is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses, providing security updates and regular maintenance by 1&1. This method offers the convenience of a fully managed platform completely secured by 1&1’s experienced team of technicians.

Free Mode, as the name suggests, gives the customer the freedom to customize their web hosting experience. For convenience, scalability or security purposes, customers can switch between the two modes at any time, quickly and easily.

Flexibility You Can Work With

On top of all those extra features above, 1&1 Internet boasts enough flexibility to suit a range of project types.

Thanks to 1&1 Internet’s variety of server types, complex solutions like Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, and Cloud Servers become simple for professionals to use.

Furthermore, with 1&1 Internet’s geo-redundant solution, data is stored on two separate servers, geographically located in two different data centers.

Therefore, should something directly affect one data center or server, the hosted data and applications are automatically switched to the second server. This ensures that a business website is constantly operating with no downtime and is always accessible, even if something goes wrong or routine maintenance is necessary.

For businesses with international audiences, their web properties need to guarantee positive experiences for each and every visitor, no matter where they are located. To make that happen, 1&1 hosting offers a content delivery network (CDN) for both dynamic and static content to ensure data is delivered optimally on all devices, anywhere in the world.

Plus, with over 70,000 servers currently in operation, 1&1 Internet can be trusted to handle almost any project, whether it be large, small or gigantic.

To find out more about 1&1 Internet as a web hosting solution, check out their website.