1&1 Internet: An App & Feature Roundup

Today, a modern website needs to offer a lot more than it needed to ten years ago, or even five for that matter.

Consumers are no longer looking for a plain old “online business card”. They want to be impressed, persuaded and informed.

But that’s not all. The modern web surfer demands a convenient and engaging experience when visiting a website. So, a successful website in today’s world needs to be dynamic.


We’ve already taken a good look at 1&1 Internet’s level of customer support, their attitude to mobile, and their expert management services. But now it’s time to see how 1&1 helps its customers build a truly modern website.

Everything Handled: From eCommerce to Social Media

By capitalizing on the many apps and features that 1&1 MyWebsite offers, businesses can best position themselves in front of the mass market, and drive more profit.

Here’s a summary of what 1&1 customers can leverage to hone their web presence for the modern-day customer.

Online Success Center

The newest and perhaps the most exciting addition to the 1&1 MyWebsite suite.

1&1 Internet’s Online Success Center is a simplified dashboard for businesses to boost their online presence with some basic search engine optimization.

By focusing on basic information, online directories, and content optimization, businesses can improve their visibility on the Web and drive more traffic to their website.

Web Apps

1&1 Internet’s Web Apps have become an integral element to business websites that make use of them.

With the ability to integrate reputable, third-party applications directly into a website via drag-and-drop, businesses can enhance their online reputation and build convenience into their website.

For example, restaurant owners will want to include OpenTable or ChowNow to enhance the capability and convenience of the site for their customers.


Another highly useful feature, particularly for online merchants, is MyShop.

Most retailers strive to deliver a reliable and strong eCommerce site to consumers. With the 1&1 MyShop feature, they can create a detailed product catalogue within their website for customers while managing payment and delivery methods.

Social Media Center

Social media is more important today than ever before. Not only can it be a superb traffic source, but it’s also a communal hub for a brand and its customers to interact.

In recognition of this, 1&1 Internet serves up an impressive solution in the form of the Social Media Center. Consisting of its Social Page Manager and Social Share, the 1&1 Social Media Center is included in the Plus and Pro MyWebsite packages allowing for owners to maintain a successful social strategy.

Social Page Manager allows users to synchronize their website with Facebook to create consistent branding across both platforms. When an update is made to the website, the same change is automatically made to the Facebook page. While many businesses have existing Facebook pages, a common mistake is failing to keep it updated with fresh content.

Additionally, 1&1’s Social Share enables owners to create and maintain relationships on Facebook, Twitter and their blog through timely and ongoing communication. Posts, comments and tweets can all be made or scheduled via one, centralized dashboard and login.

A One-Stop Shop

Once again, 1&1 produce a fairly astute set of tools in the face of modern, relevant and recurring problems faced in the world of website and online brand building.

To find out more about 1&1 Internet as a web hosting solution, check out their website.