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Vercel, the cloud platform for frontend developers, has released a new tool called Visual Editing – designed to help frontend developers and marketers create and edit content directly on the Vercel site. These changes can then be synchronized and sent back to a user’s headless CMS without ever opening it.

The feature is being launched with Sanity, and its current version is in a limited private beta for Sanity CMS enterprise users.

Experience live changes instantly

Unlike a monolithic digital experience platform where users typically make content changes in a one-size-fits-all WYSIWYG editor, tech stacks with a headless CMS may find it difficult to find and edit content from the decoupled architecture. This is especially true for content-heavy marketing teams without the technical expertise to rely on a headless system.

With Visual Editing, each team can visually see the content they’d like to edit in an easy-to-use and easy-to-connect editor – and watch live edits be imported into the headless CMS. Marketing teams will no longer have to rely on developers to make changes, freeing up resources for both teams.

Activating this new feature is meant to be seamless. From a Vercel blog article announcing the tool, implementing Visual Editing with Sanity's modern CMS does not require any changes to how a site is programmed. CMS providers can simply add an additional argument when calling a CMS API, and visual editing becomes available.

Focus on user experience

Vercel has made many strides to enhance the user experience, including Incremental Static Regeneration, which allows users to create or update content without redeploying a site. Another feature called Preview Deployments allows users to preview changes in an app during live deployment without merging changes to a Git project’s production branch. A tool called Comments was added recently to allow teams and invited participants to leave direct feedback.

Each change marks a new level of sophistication in providing users the tools they need to edit content quickly and without the constant starting and stopping often documented by any large content team in charge of deploying multiple sites or massive quantities of content.

What’s next for Vercel?

With many recent changes dedicated to improving user experience and actively deployed features that cement that commitment, there appears to be a lot of interesting innovation on the horizon. The announcement of its latest product feature has already delighted customers, marketers, and developers alike, even while still in beta. 

It's worth noting that Vercel is an AWS partner and a member of the MACH Alliance, a nonprofit organization committed to expanding MACH (microservices, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, and headless) architecture.

About Vercel

Vercel is the cloud platform for frontend developers, providing the speed and reliability innovators need to create at the moment of inspiration. By providing the toolkit frontend teams love, Vercel unlocks developer potential and enables you to go from idea to global application in seconds. Vercel enables customers like Under Armour, Nintendo, The Washington Post, and Zapier to build delightful user experiences on the Web.

About Sanity

Sanity is the platform for structured content that lets teams build exceptional digital experiences. By treating content as data, modern organizations use our APIs to build optimal editing workflows and share content between systems to increase digital velocity. Our mission is to be the most versatile system for creating and distributing digital content to any device, application or channel. Dual-headquartered in San Francisco and Oslo, Norway, Sanity is used by thousands of companies including Unilever, Puma, National Geographic, and Condé Nast. Learn more at