Uniform Component Starter Kit

This week, Uniform – a digital experience composition platform (DXCP) – announced its latest product release, which promises to help simplify headless architecture for the modern user. This includes a new Component Starter Kit that complements its Mesh layer and additional enhancements to its Edgehancers. 

Uniform has been evangelizing the benefits of slaying the “glue code monster” through a clever marketing campaign. With its newest release, they’re endeavoring to create easier processes for connecting data from any source to any front-end component – without the painful rigors of producing and managing integration code. 

Does headless mean harder?

When companies are operating a headless system – or even considering a new one – they might hit a few roadblocks. One of the most common examples is managing multiple content silos that must be coded into one central CMS. If the systems are difficult to integrate, content teams must rely on developers throughout the process and for future changes.

Uniform believes this is the opposite of “composable,” where developers and marketers find themselves limited by systems and processes that aren’t agile or easy to maintain. This has made the headless journey harder.

Composable is key

Uniform tackles these issues head-on, promising to reduce or eliminate glue code from the equation. With its newest feature release, the DXCP is aiming to deliver a “new headless paradigm,” outlined by Uniform co-founder Lars Birkholm Petersen in a blog post announcing the launch this week.

As he noted, the new headless paradigm includes these core tenants:

  • Make solutions composable instead of composed
  • Optimize workflows and aim for the shortest time to market
  • Connect data and content across technologies
  • Enable marketers and merchants to do their jobs independently, freeing developers from having to maintain glue code
  • Give brands an unfair competitive advantage to launch new initiatives faster
  • Boost agencies’ competitiveness through the elimination of custom code

Open source Component Starter Kit

Uniform’s Component Starter Kit gives users the flexibility to create dynamic web experiences quickly and easily. The open source Kit is built on a TNT stack – TypeScript, Next.js, and TailwindCSS – making it extremely adaptable to build with.

With the Component Starter Kit, users can easily clone, run locally, and customize based on their specific needs. By leveraging lightweight React components, it also helps keep Core Web Vitals in the green. And because the whole library is open source and based on TailwindCSS and DaisyUI, it makes it easy for users to adapt their brand style.

With these component tools, marketers and content creators can use RESTful API integrations to connect content from a headless CMS or commerce system with no glue code or developer tickets.

Browse components and learn more about the Component Starter Kits from Uniform.

Mesh and Edgehancers

Uniform’s Mesh – its API integration layer – connects data or content sources with the user’s preferred design system in just a few clicks and zero coding. Marketers can enjoy total flexibility in how they build and connect their content without wasting precious developer time and resources.

When connecting to sources or on-premise APIs as a step for creating digital experiences, performance can be a bottleneck. With Uniform’s latest release of Edgehancers, users can cache data from any API on its global distributed edge, which makes sites run lightning fast – rendering in under 50 milliseconds – while supporting surgical cache invalidation from the underlying technologies.

Composable, not coded

With this latest launch, Uniform has gone above and beyond to save users from the hassle of integrating software. These new capabilities empower content creators and developers to focus on what’s important – so going headless doesn’t have to be harder.

“With the launch of these new capabilities, Uniform is taking how brands and agencies build digital experiences to the next level,” said Petersen. “With orchestration at each layer of the digital experience composition platform (DXCP), it’s easy to get the job done in minutes instead of days.”

The frightening glue code monster may be on his way out, but what’s coming next might be scary, scary good.

About Uniform

Uniform's digital experience composition (DXC) solution turns headless and legacy stacks into a seamless end-to-end digital delivery pipeline. Uniform transforms the approach to digital delivery by empowering developers, content creators, and marketers to easily create and deliver amazing experiences while allowing the tech stack to evolve with your brand. Several top brands use Uniform to power their digital experiences, including Cobham Satcom, Cirque du Soleil, Life Extension, Sunweb and Trimble. Learn more at uniform.dev and follow on LinkedIn and Twitter.