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It's clear that Lars Petersen likes acceleration.

That's apropos when it comes to delivering digital experiences, which his company Uniform is focused on doing.

Now, it seems his quest for speed has accelerated the track to funding as well.

In just 15 months, Uniform – a new breed of headless composable digital experience platform – announced that it has raised a $28 million Series A investment round led by New York-based global private equity and venture capital firm Insight Partners.

An impressive feat for a relatively nascent player in the DXP stack and a testament to the growing demand for composable digital experience solutions.

"Every organization needs compelling digital experiences," says Petersen, who serves as CEO at Uniform, and has a deep heritage in the CMS space from nearly a decade at Sitecore. "Most enterprises invest in multiple headless technologies, and they struggle to free content and data from legacy content management and commerce systems."

According to Uniform, the company will use the investment to further accelerate the growth of its global team, deepen relationships with ecosystem technology vendors, expand support for digital agencies delivering DXP solutions, and increase capabilities of its core platform to continue optimizing digital experience production from ideation to end-user experience delivery.

Driving headless commerce with unprecedented speed

Since its launch, Uniform says it has built a new "backbone" for managing the production of digital experiences throughout the entire digital delivery lifecycle. The company's vendor-agnostic, composable DXP complements existing headless CMS and headless commerce technologies – adding orchestration, no-code tools, built-in personalization, and other features that allow marketers and merchandisers to build unique, omnichannel digital experiences that blend content from multiple legacy and headless sources.

"We are excited at the new wave of technologies that power multi-cloud infrastructures," says Petersen. "Uniform has unique expertise in digital experience and edge computing and provides a distinct advantage for companies to better manage apps, sites, omnichannel experiences and launch modern digital commerce in a fraction of the time it takes with a legacy solution."

And when it comes to speed, Uniform's high-performance edge-side personalization delivers the fastest possible experiences to visitors – with 50ms time to first byte for personalized content and green Google Lighthouse scores for search engine optimization. This has become a critical benchmark for websites and applications as users continue to demand faster load times.

"New technologies and devices are pushing the boundaries of the digital experience market, and Uniform is the first greenfield composable DXP that will combine the power of the technology to meet and exceed the very high customer expectations of digital experiences" said Teddie Wardi, Managing Director at Insight Partners. "Insight is thrilled to partner with Uniform and its impressive founding team as the company builds the first headless composable digital experience platform built without an anchor application." Teddie Wardi will join the Uniform board.

MACH principles usher in a new era of composable DXPs

According to Uniform, the company's platform is being used to power innovative digital experiences for global enterprises who are seeking faster time to market through composable, headless architectures.

At the same time, many brands and organizations are looking to retain their previous investments in legacy suites. This includes best-of-breed headless digital experience tools such as CMS, commerce, front-end, marketing cloud, and CDN. By unlocking the value in these investments, businesses can rapidly scale to meet growing demand – and avoid some of the toils of replatforming everything.

Guiding the shift to composable is the rise of the MACH principles: platforms that embrace Microservices, APIs, Cloud-Native SaaS and Headless capabilities (the "MACH" acronym). With Uniform, organizations can optimize the entire digital delivery workflow, allowing architects to choose best-of-breed MACH tools to deliver the right value at the right time. Developers can also build frontends using their preferred libraries and frameworks, while marketers can regain control over creating, launching, and iterating digital experiences.

"Meeting the increased digital demand from our customers, we needed to build a modern, composable approach to B2C commerce that allows us to choose best-of-breed tools for each step of digital delivery," said Tomas Krag, Hilding Anders Global CTO. "Only Uniform provided the orchestration to turn a collection of headless technologies into a composable digital experience platform. With [Uniform], our developers can choose the right tools for the job, and marketing can now focus on delivering the best personalized digital experiences to delight our customers."

About Uniform

Uniform is the world's first composable DXP, built for today's performance and scalability demands. A frictionless, pre-integrated composable digital experience platform gives companies the choice to continuously adopt traditional and headless best-of-breed technologies without ever replatforming, allowing businesses to deliver omnichannel orchestration with built-in high-performance testing and personalization – regardless of how their tech stacks evolve over time. Several top brands use Uniform to power their digital experiences, including Cirque du Soleil, Life Extension, Sunweb and Trimble. Visit for more.