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Well, 2021 is almost at an end. The holidays are upon us, and merrymaking is in full swing (at least as far as Omicron will let us swing). Before we wrap things up and officially start the festivities, there's one last piece of business to attend to...


That's right: it's time to kick off our annual CMS Critic Awards – and it all starts with our 2021 People's Choice Nominations! Starting today, you can submit your favorite platform in a variety of categories such as Best DXP, Best Headless CMS, and more. Based on your input, we choose the top three contenders in each category – and let you vote for the best of the best. 

The 2021 People's Choice Nominations will be open until January 15th, 2022. Once we've tallied your submissions, we'll open voting on the top three platforms in each category.

Here's some exciting news: this year, we've added Best Composable System and Best Headless Commerce Platform to the nomination list. We covered the rise of both categories throughout the year – now you can tell us which platforms are doing it best!

To learn more about the CMS Critic Awards, keep reading. Ready to submit your nominations? Click here!

What are the CMS Critic Awards?

OK... so maybe our program is a little less visible than the Oscars, but it fills an important gap in our industry by celebrating the contributions of CMS, DXP, and the related ecosystem of vendors.

Since 2012, the CMS Critic Awards have been something of an institution. Not only do they give our panel of thought leaders an opportunity to "chime in" on the general direction of the industry, but they also give individuals a chance to vote for their favorite platform. It's a fun way to engage with our communities and create more visibility around the importance of this technology sector.

To provide a fair shot to all vendors, we offer two unique programs:

CMS Critic's Choice Awards Logo

Critic's Choice Awards

Hand-selected by our CMS Critic editorial staff, vendors receive the coveted Critic's Choice Award for each category based on our internal research and criteria.

CMS People's Choice Awards Logo

People’s Choice Awards
As previously mentioned, these community-based awards are designed to engage with readers through an open forum. The top three vendors with the most nominations will be featured on our website for voting, and the platform with the most votes in each category is declared the winner. The rules are simple, and focus on fairness and integrity: participants may nominate or vote only once, and companies that offer incentives of any kind will be disqualified.

2021 People's Choice categories for nominations

This year's categories include:

  • Best Enterprise CMS
  • Best DXP
  • Best Free CMS
  • Best Flat File CMS
  • Best Open Source CMS
  • Best ECM (Enterprise Content Management)
  • Best E-Commerce Solution
  • Best Headless CMS
  • Best Headless Commerce Platform
  • Best Website Builder
  • Best Static Site Generator
  • Best Composable System

Both the Critic's Choice and People's Choice Award results will be announced at the same time in mid to late February of 2022.

Submit your nominations!

Go on... tell us what platforms you love! Fill out the form below and submit your nominations. You can only vote once and a valid email address is required with each entry. Companies that offer incentives of any kind will be disqualified.

We can't wait to see your nominations. Cheers – and happy holidays!