SquareSpace iPad app Review

If your site runs on the powerful SquareSpace CMS (see our squarespace review for more info) and you own an iPad, you absolutely must try their iPad app.

SquareSpace for iOS is an exceptional app that allows you to post and manage your SquareSpace site directly from your iPad and it's one of the best apps we've seen so far for content management. As you can see from the video above, it's a slick and powerful interface that allows you to easily add post content, pictures and more to your site.

Using the text editor is quite easy and allows input in a variety of formats such as Markdown, Textile, Plain text and HTML. The editor works very well and is nice and clean. Adding pictures from the iPad is as easy as selecting from the camera roll / photo library and they too work without issue.

One of the best inclusions that they made with this app was that of the metrics. It's nice to be able to have a quick look at your stats on the go and they are formatted well for the iPad screen with more than enough stats for the metrics obsessed.

In my time using the app, I experienced only smoothness and no issues with forced closures or crashes. It's a slick interface that makes you actually WANT to use the app for publishing.

Squarespace ipad app review

squarespace ipad app review

If you don't have SquareSpace or haven't heard of it, check it out here: SquareSpace