Soario Launches Hosted Symphony CMS Cloud Offering Powered by Standing Cloud

Soario Inc., developers of Symphony CMS, the popular XSLT-powered open source content management system, today announced the launch of Symphony Cloud Hosting, a new cloud-based offering that makes hosting and evaluating Symphony CMS fast, simple and affordable in the cloud.

Symphony Cloud Hosting, built on technology from Standing Cloud, a leading provider of cloud marketplace and management solutions for cloud providers and ISVs, brings choice, flexibility and easy point-and-click deployment and management to Symphony CMS, delivering single-click managed hosting, provisioning, deployment and management at a simple monthly bundled price.

With Symphony Cloud Hosting, customers can choose the hosting provider, data center and geography of their choice from a wide range of 15+ leading public cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, HP Cloud, Rackspace, and more. Symphony CMS deployments hosted through Symphony Cloud Hosting on Standing Cloud are completely portable from cloud-to-cloud, meaning users are never locked in to a single platform or cloud provider. They can quickly add capacity or move to another cloud, and are protected against downtime and service outages.

In addition, Standing Cloud’s built-in automated application lifecycle management features provide easy point-and-click access to a range of automated management services, including 24×7 server monitoring, free back-ups, auto-restore, single-click version and resource upgrades and more.

“We developed Symphony CMS on the principles of flexibility, openness and simplicity, and Symphony Cloud extends that even further,” said Allen Chang, co-founder and chief architect of Symphony CMS and Soario Inc. “Agencies and developers now have the option of instant hosting and management for their sites on a wide range of reliable clouds, while still ensuring that they'll always have complete control over all aspects of their project.”

“We’re excited to help Soario enable their customers to launch and run fully configured instances of Symphony CMS and the underlying application stack, and manage them directly in the cloud,” said Joni Klippert, Director of Customer Development for Standing Cloud. “By reducing the hassles of downloading software and configuring servers, and adding the choice, flexibility and reliability of multiple clouds, we can help them grow the Symphony CMS customer base among agencies, designers and developers.”

Symphony Cloud Hosting is available today at Users interested in evaluating the solution can get started immediately with a no-cost 24-hour “Test Drive” in the cloud, including a fully configured version of Symphony 2.3.1. Following the free trial, users can seamlessly upgrade to a fully hosted account on any one of Standing Cloud’s 15+ supported cloud providers through Symphony Cloud Hosting.

Standing Cloud is a leading provider of cloud application marketplace and management services. We deliver a seamless application layer for cloud service providers, ISVs and technology solutions providers, making application deployment and management fast, simple and hassle-free for their customers.

Our standard application catalog includes 100 open-source and commercial applications; our platform supports multiple programming languages, including Rails, PHP, Java and Python, and a wide range of cloud service providers and orchestration software systems.

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About Symphony CMS

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About Soario

Founded by Allen Chang, chief architect of Symphony CMS, Soario offers CMS products and solutions for small to enterprise websites. The Soario team includes diverse individuals from around the world, each with a unique set of skills. Soario leadership team members have all worked with Symphony in various capacities from agency management to design, development, architecture and project management. Learn more online at: