Selz Steps Up Google Analytics Integration

A new Selz update means that user's eCommerce data can now be sent to their Google Analytics account.

Selz is a growing online-payment and eCommerce platform that can be integrated into an existing website. Or, you can set up your free Selz store and begin selling immediately. 

With this update, Selz helps to empower your Google Analytics data even more, giving users a better chance to make the right decisions about their business.

Better Insights, Better Decisions

Selz are aiming to give their users a better insight into their eCommerce reports in Google Analytics, giving them a deeper understanding of total sales, individual product sales, conversion rate and average order value.

The reports – which can now be viewed in Google Analytics – will also display things like which sources of traffic bring the most valuable customers and the ROI on any paid campaigns.

Integrating Selz with Google Analytics is as simple as copying and pasting your Google Analytics ID into the Google Analytics field under your Store Settings in Selz.

And that's about it. Give it a day or so for Google to catch up with the data, and then enjoy the view from your Google Analytics dashboard.

To find out more about Selz' new Google Analytics integration, read their official blog announcement.

For more information on Selz, check out their website.