Re-Introducing Movable Type

For those who have been around the CMS industry for a while, you may recall the name Movable Type. Movable Type was once the strongest competition against WordPress but, through a series of acquisitions, began to lose ground quickly and faded from attention. Not completely mind you, but certainly we didn't hear as much about it for quite some time.

Well, development continued regardless of these changes in the structure of the company and Movable Type is back strong and powerful with version 6 of their perl based Content Management System and publishing platform. Movable Type runs some of the largest sites in the world such as The Huffington Post, for instance.

Here's a video re-introducing the platform, now in version 6:

While there once was an open source branch of Movable Type, it has since been laid to rest, however, the system itself can be purchased through

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