Six Apart acquired by VideoEgg - Will Movable Type finally bite the dust?

Six Apart, the company responsible for the producing the once popular Movable Type, has been acquired by advertising network, Video Egg.  Six Apart has continued to produce Movable Type over the years but has lost an enormous chunk of it's once strong hold of the blogging/content management market. Most of this due to the introduction of WordPress.

The final straw for Six Apart and Movable Type in my mind came with the introduction of Movable Type 5.. a product that basically took what was good about Movable Type and threw it out the window in a weak attempt to redesign their product and give it a similar look and feel to rival WordPress.

It's been obvious for some time that even the developers of Movable Type were displeased with the 5.0 product line and to prove their displeasure (whether they openly say so or not) they launched Melody which is based on MT4.

There is no real mention of the future of Movable Type, they have been careful not to say one way or the other what will happen but considering their lack of interest in the MT product and their huge focus on the media end of their business, I think it best to recommend that if you are on the MT platform, you jump ship while you can.

Not all will agree with me on this one and I'm sure some will be upset but I think one must be realistic in this type of circumstance.

You can read what Six Apart has to say about this here:

It's great for Six Apart that now they have a chance to build upon their media business but I feel it should also be a major concern for those using their publishing platforms.

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