Open Source Cloud Hosted eCommerce


As with many other software solutions, Open Source will soon be a standard for the eCommerce platforms, too. That’s why Arastta team developed Arastta Cloud service.

The question is simple in this regard: Is there any other Open Source eCommerce platform or solution on the cloud? And the answer is: No! Arastta Cloud is the first and the only Cloud based Open Source eCommerce service. So when you create an Arastta Cloud account, you can access your store’s all PHP files and database tables via phpMyadmin interface.

So let’s say you need a feature for your store and couldn’t find an extension for that specific need, or you have your own development team and want to create your own solution for your needs. It’s not possible to implement them to your store on the other Cloud eCommerce services. But thanks to open source Arastta Cloud service, you can easily implement any customization or modification on your store.

Also you can see what lays beyond your store’s interface. Arastta Cloud is a trustful eCommerce solution because you know what’s executed with your codes and what they do.

The Advantages of Open Source

Being Open Source provides another great advantage to Arastta Cloud users: freedom of leaving. If you are not satisfied with the Arastta, then you can leave it with all your data because you can access all the files and database. But this is not possible with other cloud platforms since they only allow access to limited areas of your store.

Arastta Cloud brings all advantages of being an Open Source platform to its users but at the same time that doesn’t cost them. Whole structure is built as single-tenant, thus all stores are isolated from each other. In case of an attack or hack, it doesn’t affect other stores and accounts.

Additionally, automatic / one-click updates, server and hosting maintenance, extra security measurements are included in the Arastta Cloud plans. So Arastta Cloud users can focus on their sales, marketing and customers while Arastta team do all the technical and boring stuff for them.


Here is a quick overview about Arastta Cloud’s advantages:


  • Customize, extend and modify your store without any limitation
  • Control and see what lays under your store’s infrastructure
  • Backup or download any files or database tables
  • Not happy with your Arastta store, we do not hold you captive. You can move your store elsewhere since you can access everything
  • Single-tenant platform. Each store and account isolated from each other
  • Automatic backup & restore with one-click
  • Auto updates
  • One-click updates
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