New Wix Editor Brings Even More Simplified, Code-Free Web Design to the Masses

Wix, one of the top website builders on the market, has announced some major new changes to their popular web design platform today in the form of a brand new editor. With the newly redesigned interface, Wix blends the ease of use they are known for with a more robust set of powerful capabilities that really extend the platform.

Wix has long been known as a great option for creating code-free websites but this new editor really brings a solid blend of experience and fun to the platform. Not only is it beautiful, as you'll see in the video below, but it also adds a level of fun to the design experience of this great drag and drop website platform. I've always been a fan of the platform and find that it really provides a service and capability that people need.

Website builders have traditionally been known as something you use as a starting point before moving on to a platform like WordPress or another CMS but Wix has really evolved into a web design platform that you can continue to use to power your website for years to come. This is shown by their dedicated user base of over 70 million users worldwide. People love the product and the new editor takes things to a new level with some great new features which you'll see in the video below such as video backgrounds, parallax scrolling and more.

Furthermore, it offers a better code base built using Facebook’s React technology that's completely restructured making it leaner and more modular. With this new technology, the company now has the ability to roll out features previously unseen in the code-free web design sector and can now do so with unprecedented speed.

Check out the following video that shows off the new editor in all its glory:

Some of the new code-free features you can expect to see with this new editor include:

  • Full screen strip layouts – Containing multiple design elements such as video, image galleries, text and more, these horizontal strips help split up the page into clear sections, allowing for stylistic variation. True to Wix’s drag and drop technology, these strip containers can be edited and repositioned anywhere.
  • Full page video background – Users can upload their own videos or choose from Wix’s free video background library to easily set up an eye-catching video background for their websites. Unique to the Wix Editor, all video backgrounds, whether full page or on a strip, can be customized by layering any design element, such as pattern overlays and color palettes, included in the Editor.
  • Single click Parallax effect – A first for code-free platforms, users can now give their website an added layer of dimension by adding a parallax scrolling effect with just single click.
  • Anchor menus and docking elements – Essential but not exclusive to long scrolling websites, Wix users can effortlessly create a smooth website navigation experience by utilizing Wix’s new anchor menus and element docking feature.
  • Personalization and tailored features – Based on the users’ profile, the Wix Editor will suggest design and business elements from both the Editor and the Wix App Market to give users the guidance necessary to create the most effective possible sites.
  • Verticalized templates – Dedicated templates built with business in mind and utilizing new design capabilities allowing users to more readily input key features while maintaining pure a drag and drop interface.
  • Contextual in-Editor support – The New Wix Editor provides users with intelligent and curated support throughout the design process without ever having to leave the Editor.

“Recognizing that today’s Internet users expect a personalized, intuitive and multi-faceted experience, we’ve created the industry’s most comprehensive code-free editing software for creating a professional online presence,” said Avishai Abrahami, Wix Co-Founder and CEO. “Based on the user’s business category, the new Editor provides a tailored experience, where the features and capabilities most needed are at their fingertips. This isn’t just a product improvement, it’s a leap in what the market has come to expect from code-free platforms.”

I strongly encourage everyone who hasn't had an opportunity to give it a try and see what their new web design experience is like for themselves. Give Wix a try.