LightCMS: Not Your Average Website Builder

We’re kicking off another featured week here on CMS Critic. This time, it’s with LightCMS; the People's Choice for Best Cloud CMS for Small to Medium Sized Businesses 2014.

On top of professional website building features, the cloud-hosted website builder offers up blogging and eCommerce capabilities to cover all the major bases.

Plus, it’s relied on by web developing companies, who are able to white label LightCMS, use it to build client websites, and then re-sell it to those same clients.

2015 was a year of self-development for the LightCMS. They released new features and bug fixes almost every month, padding it with small, yet welcome tweaks.

Powerfully Flexible

As far as website builders go, LightCMS is incredibly flexible.

Page elements, such as blogs, products, calendars, forms, and galleries, can be added anywhere, on any page, without limit. And thanks to a drag-and-drop interface, it’s a piece of cake to do so.

“The user friendly interface and good looking templates mean that website design newbies, small to medium sized businesses, and freelancers of all kinds can jump in, drag, drop, type and upload their way to a stunning website.” – Read the Full LightCMS Review.

File and media management features are robust, and all the necessary blogging functions are there to build a successful, standalone blog.

LightCMS can also function as an eCommerce platform. Products and catalogs can be created,

Users can even register and create their own profiles. In other words, LightCMS can build websites capable of hosting communities of people, encouraging them to participate on blog post comments, helping them keep track of store purchases, and allowing them to access member-only content.

Want a more detailed breakdown of LightCMS’ core features? Check out my LightCMS Review.

But like I said earlier, LightCMS is not just your average website builder. It’s not necessarily just for those who want to build a single personal website.

Web Design, White Labeled

Web design agencies are popping up everywhere. The biggest concern is typically managing the different needs of their clients in a way that doesn’t suck up every last minute of the day.

LightCMS’ Developer Program was set up to help streamline the entire industry for web developers. They can white label the platform, use it to build unlimited websites, and then re-sell it to clients, who can then also use the platform to further manage their websites.

LightCMS Developers can manage all of their websites from the same area and set monthly price points for their clients in exchange for the support provided.

I’ll be delving far deeper into the LightCMS Developer Platform later on during this featured week, so be sure to stay tuned.

And as always, be sure to check out LightCMS via our CMS Directory.