LightCMS Prepares Website Security Update Through FTPS

LightCMS have announced a major security update that relates to connecting with your LightCMS website via FTP.

Used by more than 175,000 people around the world, LightCMS makes us of standardized code and a vast array of tools to make up a powerful suite capable of building corporate websites, eCommerce websites, Blogs, and more.

With this FTP Secure protocol update, which is due to roll out on June 2nd, 2014, LightCMS users will experience a far safer connection. Connecting to websites via FTP is a popular method of making changes to web property, and so many LightCMS users will likely be affected by this change.

Once the upgrade is in place, all LightCMS FTP connections will need to be made via FTPS. This will change a few of the settings you use with your FTP clients when connecting to your LightCMS website.

To guide you through that short process, the LightCMS team have thrown together an easy-to-follow guide to connecting with LightCMS via FTPS. The guide covered popular FTP clients such as FileZilla, WinSCP and Transmit.

To find out more about LightCMS, check out their website. Full details of this scheduled FTPS update can be found via the LightCMS Blog.

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