Kentico 8 Introduces Slick new Interface and Improved Marketing Suite

Kentico have released the latest version of their popular web content management solution.

Kentico 8 represents a significant improvement over previous releases with a completely redesigned and improved interface and a number of enhancements to their integrated marketing suite as well.

“Digital marketing today requires a unifying brand identity and faster level of responsiveness to the ever-changing needs of customers, wherever they might be,” said Kentico CEO and Founder Petr Palas. “With Kentico 8’s enhanced integrated marketing solution, our customers get a sophisticated but easy-to-use and affordable set of tools that allow them to quickly launch and manage highly personalized and integrated digital marketing activities across all digital mediums.”

Kentico has added quite a bit to this release and we'll go through them here to get you up to speed but first, here's a quick video showcasing the new version.

The New Interface

The new interface of Kentico 8 has almost a Windows 8 Metro look and feel to it, as you can see below. Clean and clear buttons and typography make it very visually attractive.

Kentico 8 screenshot

Kentico 8 screenshot

kentico 8 screenshot

Reworked Help Section

Another very important change in this new release is the brand new help section. Completely reworked from previous versions, the new help provides special how-to instructions and tips & tricks related to the application you are using. Take a look:

Kentico 8 Help

Marketing Suite Additions

The integrated marketing suite has also seen some cool new additions including:

  • Persona-based recommendations for boosted engagement and loyalty.Kentico 8 personas
  • A/B Testing Improvements
    Test variants of pages on particular audience segments, for deeper insight and more targeted results.
  • Social marketing
    Post content on and get analytics from Facebook and Twitter all from within the UI.

These are just a few of the changes and improvements in this new release. To get the full experience, check out their website