Jaws CMS version 0.8.14 available

Team Jaws have announced a new version of their open-source CMS, Jaws.  If you haven't used Jaws, it's a very simple and unique (and small!) CMS that you should definitely at least try once to see if it fits your needs. We did a review recently that you can read prior to downloading if you like: Jaws CMS Review.

Version 0.8.14 brings with it the following changes:

  • Added backup feature to Jaws(database and data directory)
  • Added yearly archive to Blog gadget
  • Added support url shortening, in LinkDump gadget
  • Added some new features to Datagrids in all gadgets
  • Added a new captcha generator: HKCaptcha
  • Added Paging to FileBrowser output result
  • Added support favicon
  • Added SMTP verification option to mail settings
  • Added custom map extension to Jaws UrlMapper
  • Added some new emblems to Emblems gadget: XHML validation, CSS Validation
  • Added Microsoft driver for MS-SQL Server(not supported unicode)
  • Added new ACL to Languages gadget for restrict modifying language's data
  • Added interface for popular entries limit count in Blog gadget
  • Added Support free cookie domain for jaws data urls
  • Added support tar, tar.gz, bz2, tar.bz2, tgz, tbz into extract archive files method
  • Improved pgsql driver to work with lesser database permission
  • Improved mssql driver to support large text filed and unicode data with FreeTDS extension
  • Improved e-mail content message in Contact gadget
  • Improved Users gadget ACLs
  • Improved Glossary gadget to support non-english glossaries
  • Improved multi instance support
  • Fixed error in Languages gadget
  • Fixed list sorting in Faq gadget
  • Fixed cross-platform newline issue in auto-paragraph method
  • Fixed duplicate files in archive generator
  • Removed JAWS_DPATH and JAWS_IPATH constants
  • Better handle http error like 404,403,…
  • and many more enhancement and minor bug fixes

Phew! That's quite the hefty list. Interested in checking it out? You can do so here: http://www.jaws-project.com