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Jaws CMS Review

Founded by Ali Fazelzadeh, Jaws is a small content management system that is capable of some pretty cool functionality. With some very interesting addons and high ease of use, it’s definitely a platform worth looking at if your goal is to design something simple and fast. Today we’re going to show you what makes it unique amongst the other industry players in this Jaws CMS Review.

To get started, you need to download the appropriate package from the Jaws Project website, extract it to your host and visit your domain, you will be presented with the following screen:

Jaws CMS Review

After selecting your language:

Jaws CMS Review

An interesting security procedure above, requires you to create a file called key.txt with the displayed code in it and upload it to your /install directory before the software will allow you to install. Once you’ve done this, you may proceed below:

Jaws CMS Review

As usual, if you see all green.. you get to continue:

Jaws CMS Review

Once you’ve got your database details configured, you move on to entering your admin details:

Jaws CMS Review

Then proceed to:

Jaws CMS Review

Jaws uses gadgets which you can place anywhere within your layout (drag and drop style).. this option gives you a chance to enable a default gadget.. I would recommend the ‘Static Page’ one.

Jaws CMS Review

Now you have the option to view the site or enter the control panel. Since your site will be completely void of any gadgets or content at the moment.. I’d recommend you enter the control panel first:

Jaws CMS Review

Note the section entitled “Disabled Gadgets”, this is where you get to select which ones you wish to install. Each of these gadgets once
enabled will add a new icon to the control panel with which you can administer them. You can also then add them to various blocks on your new page using the Layout icon in the control panel.

Jaws CMS Review

To enable, just scroll through the list above and click install. Once you’ve selected the ones you want to install.

Once installed, you’ll see the new icons created in the control panel:

Jaws CMS Review

You can then move to the Layout icon which will allow you to begin placing gadgets and applying a theme to your site:

Jaws CMS Review

Jaws CMS Review

Once you have the applicable gadgets added, you will be able to check out your new site and see how it looks.

You can find a few sites running Jaws at the Jaws Showcase page.

Jaws is what it claims to be.. a user friendly CMS.

It is not something I could see myself using to build massive corporate websites.. but it is something I could see using for a personal site or to create a quick web presence. I like the gadget concept and think that as the project matures, it would be nice to see these get a bit more refined.

They have recently added a forum to their project page which was desperately needed and it’s seeing a fair amount of activity.

There is a lot of potential in Jaws.. don’t go to it expecting perfection because you won’t find it.. but do go to it if you are willing to contribute and help enhance it into something amazing.

Overall Ratings:

Community 7/10 – With the addition of the forums, it is growing rapidly.

Expandability 7/10 -There is a ton of potential here to create new gadgets and build upon the existing functionality.

Themability 7/10-Easy to theme with a reasonable selection of themes installed by default

Useability 8.5/10 – Very easy to use, highly recommended for new users or people looking to create a simple homepage, blog or web presence.

Overall Score: 7/10

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