It's official. Textpattern CMS 4.20 is available.

Minutes after posting our previous entry entitled “Textpattern 4.20 released?” the announcement is up on the Textpattern website.

The new Textpattern features a very nice new admin theme called Remora. It's not active by default, but it is an option from the back-end and for those who are looking for a dropdown menu-based admin theme, it's a nice choice.

The official announcement from reads as follows:

Textpattern CMS 4.2.0 is immediately available for download.

We’ve added new features like admin-side themes, timezone support with automatic DST adjustment on capable servers, and core support for unlimited custom fields, readied Textpattern for compatibility with PHP 5.3, and fixed a number of  small bugs. Upgrades from previous 4.x versions are expected to work seamless under usual reserve of plugin compatibility.

More info and downloads are available at the Textpattern website.