How LightCMS Aims to Help the Growth of Web Design Agencies

We kicked off our LightCMS featured week yesterday by introducing the platform’s core features, including its use of elements like blogs, forms and calendars to populate pages.


I now want to direct my attention towards an area of LightCMS that makes it a little more than just a website builder.

On top of all its standard website building features, LightCMS aims to assist the ever-growing range of web design agencies and freelancers across the globe. Let’s take a look at how.

A Look at the LightCMS Developer Program

Essentially, the LightCMS Developer Program is built to serve as the foundation for a web design agency.

It allows agencies and freelancers to build an unlimited amount of LightCMS Unlimited Plan websites for only $19/mo per website – cheaper than the standard price for the same Unlimited plan.

This gives the web designer room to mark up and re-sell LightCMS to clients, after white labelling the platform to match their brand. In exchange for the marked up price, the web designer can provide the initial design and set up, as well as ongoing maintenance and content updates.

Becoming part of the Developer Program gives the developer unlimited pages for each website, unlimited storage, every LightCMS feature in existence (from eCommerce to blogging), automatic updates and of course, hosting.

Developers also get; multi-site management control panel, full FTPS access, full code access, automated client billing, built-in SEO analytics, and a higher level of support from LightCMS. There’s no need to worry about server configuration either. LightCMS does all the heavy lifting.

Further benefits include; cost-free sites while in development, the ability to easily replicate entire websites, and a free website for self-promotion.

How This Helps In Practise

Anybody who has ever built a website for a friend, family member or colleague, will know that actual web design is but a fragment of the work put into a web design project.

Hosting issues typically crop up before work even begins, and then the client asks for (often far-fetched) changes during development, further complicating matters. And then, perhaps worst of all, are the post-project “tweaks” that get requested. Even after the final bill has been sent.

The LightCMS Developer Program takes the stress out of initial set up by providing the hosting, configuring the servers, and automating all updates.

As for the design work itself, the core features of LightCMS, such as the drag-and-drop interface and long list of page elements, make life easy for the developer.

And, because the platform can be white labelled, developers can then put most of the power in their clients hands, allowing them to make use of LightCMS’ user-friendly interface to make their own changes.

Meanwhile, the developer can charge a monthly fee for being on hand for general support, as well as for whenever larger content updates need to be made.

If you ask me, the LightCMS Developer Program could make being a web designer a walk in the park. Well, a walk in the park with an annoyingly demanding client, anyway.

Stick around for more featured coverage of LightCMS, and also be sure to check out LightCMS via our CMS Directory.