How DevHub Bolts On To Your Existing Martech Stack

With the right products and services, accelerating your marketing growth shouldn’t be a difficult process. But finding the right fit for your business is where the hard work comes in. Luckily, it’s also where DevHub comes in.

Findings by Gartner have revealed that business spend on MarTech has increased by one third since 2017, and MarTech now accounts for 29 per cent of the total marketing expense budget in organizations. Marketers have reported significant time savings as the biggest benefit to MarTech, with an increase in customer engagement coming a close second.

Other key benefits include better communications and upselling opportunities, according to the participants of an Adestra survey. These phenomenal results have brought MarTech to the attention of company stakeholders, which has made more resources available as a result. The question is no longer whether to invest in MarTech, it’s “how”.

At DevHub, we’ve spent the past few years trying to figure out where we fit in the MarTech landscape and now we know exactly how to help your business grow. DevHub works with marketing tech providers that provide tools to brands and/or small businesses. If you’re using landing pages or sales to distribute a product, DevHub can help you to accelerate that growth.

We do this by simply plugging in to extend your own offering with services such as Rallymind, our flagship product which allows for easy integration with Google Sheets to launch multiple landing pages at once. For example, if you offer local marketing products for listings management but don’t offer locations pages that are super flexible, we can do that by bolting on to your existing site.

By adding DevHub to your existing MarTech stack, you can crash through any bottlenecks in your business and set a new bar for what you can achieve. A much higher one.

Produced by Scott Brinker, there are over 7000 companies in the  MarTech space right now and around 49 categories in that space. DevHub currently operates in 11 of those categories in areas such as Channel Marketing, Content Advertising, and Sales Automation Marketing. DevHub makes it much simpler for MarTech companies to deploy exceptional digital experiences in these categories whilst working within their current workflows. This results in rapid growth and scaling when DevHub is utilized within a business.

DevHub can help you to realise the full potential of MarTech in your business without causing any disruption to your existing processes. The marketing industry is reinventing itself and we’re here to make sure you’re on board to reap the benefits. Check in with us live every Friday for more information on our services and how we can help you.