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Ghost Introduces Post Previews

Ghost Introduces Post Previews

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Ghost users can now preview their posts within their chosen theme before publication.

The free and cloud-hosted blogging solution was crowned winner of the 2014 Critics' Choice Award for Most Promising CMS.

As one of the most exciting blogging platforms on the market, Ghost already does a lot of things right. But post previewing was certainly a missing feature, and will no doubt be welcomed by Ghost users.

See It & Share It

Now, Ghost users can open the post settings menu and hit the post preview link to see exactly what the post is going to look like before it goes live. Users will see the post in the context of their active theme — exactly as any visitor would see it.

Interestingly, users can also send a preview link to others for proof-reading or feedback purposes. 

Ghost Pro users already have access to this new feature. Self-hosted Ghost users will need to upgrade to Ghost 0.6.3 in order to benefit.

You can see the official announcement right here.

Otherwise, be sure to explore more of Ghost via our CMS Directory.

CMS & Marketing / Ghost Introduces Post PreviewsLast updated on January 5, 2019
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