From Hootsuite to comScore: Success with eZ Publish Platform

To get the ball rolling with our latest featured week with eZ, we explored how eZ Publish Platform provides everything a brand needs for content management, eCommerce and marketing.

Now, understanding a platform’s core features and benefits is one thing, but seeing them put to use in the real world by noteworthy brands puts everything into perspective.


With that in mind, let’s take a look at how two high-profile eZ customers have found success with the enterprise-grade CMS by making use of eZ Publish Platform’s broad feature set.

A Suite Deal

With over 10 million customers worldwide, HootSuite is one of the world’s most popular social media management tools.

Hootsuite began looking for a new CMS when they realised that their web properties were stretched across too many platforms. They required an enterprise-grade platform to unify their online presence.

Their essential requirements were:

  • Full stack Symfony2 Implementation

  • Personalization capabilities for dynamic content generation

  • Internationalization and localization of content

  • Solid development framework for deep integration into their product and systems

  • High traffic scalability

Jeff Waterfall, Hootsuite’s User Interface and Frontend Developer, gives us further background:

“From the start, we knew that we wanted an open source CMS. After a two month evaluation process, Hootsuite narrowed their search down to Drupal, SiteCore and eZ Publish.

We started looking at eZ Publish and it checked all the boxes for us. It was an enterprise-grade CMS and it was very secure. It had everything we were looking for baked right into it.”

As of right now, Hootsuite is benefitting from eZ Publish Platform in several ways, including; an editorial interface that gives publishers total control over website content, fine-tuned SEO tags, rich text formatting, embedding images and videos with multi-load functionality, and more.

Furthermore, as a result of eZ Publish Platform’s content delivery performance levels, paired with streamlined SEO capabilities, Hootsuite has experienced a boost in traffic originating from search engines.

Download the Hootsuite Case Study.

Scoring with eZ

comScore is a digital measurement and analytical company, with over 1,200 employees serving over 2,000 clients.

By selecting eZ Publish Platform, comScore was looking to move forward on four key fronts:

  • Marketing automation for increased lead capture and nurture

  • Mobile first with responsive design

  • Analytics availability throughout the organization

  • Multi-lingual content delivery

How did it work out, you ask? comScore’s Senior Director Web Marketing, Ferry Gijzel, sums it up nicely.

“By integrating our Marketing Automation Platform with eZ Publish we can offer more targeted content and a smoother user experience across multiple channels, improving engagement and conversion.

Connecting the dots between Eloqua, eZ and Digital Analytix allows us to continuously track performance and optimize where needed.

During January to July 2014 the average engagement (measured by the number of page views per visit) increased by 19.2% compared to the same period in 2013. In that same time frame, the average share of browsers that converted directly by requesting a product demo showed an increase of 25.7%”

comScore’s story provides us with an excellent example of a brand making use of eZ Publish Platform for more than just content management.

As discussed in our premier featured article, eZ Publish Platform covers the three major bases of content management, eCommerce and marketing automation. And as you can see, it delivers not just on paper, but in practise too.

Download the comScore Case Study.

To find out more about eZ Publish, check out eZ Systems’ website. You can also request a personal demo of eZ Publish Platform to see the many features for yourself.

Also, stick around for more eZ coverage, including articles on their next generation content management solutions, eZ Platform and eZ Studio, launching in Q4 2015.