eZ Publish Platform: Content Management, Marketing & eCommerce Under The Same Roof

We’re kicking off another featured week here at CMS Critic, and this time, we’re accompanied by eZ.


eZ Systems, the company behind eZ Publish, was founded in 1999. The company refined itself into eZ Systems Group in 2011 in order to develop further products to complement their flagship enterprise product the eZ Publish Platform.

As we begin our coverage of this CMS, I’m taking a good look at how it offers three solutions that are in high demand – content management, eCommerce and marketing – under the very same roof.

Here’s a short introductory video to get us started.


Content Management

eZ Publish Platform may have a broad skill set, but there’s no doubting that content management is its chosen forte.

Built to be easily used by developers and publishers, eZ Publish enables brands to produce, manage and deliver content to any device type.

The platform offers landing page management, front-end and WYSIWYG editing for non-technical users, multi-language support and multi-channel delivery.

To help brands embrace the emerging age of IoT (Internet of Things), eZ Publish provides Rest APIs to push your content to the screens of Smart TVs, automotive interfaces, and more.

Learn more about eZ Publish and content management.


Selling online, whether it be physical or digital products, is now as lucrative as ever.

In recognition of this, eZ Publish Platform gives its users everything they need to set up an online marketplace.

Products and catalogs can be added directly into any eZ Publish-powered website via specific pages, or even via embedded content blocks.

There are no design restrictions to worry about either, so shopping experiences can be moulded around existing content and design elements to provide a seamless process for the end user.

eZ Publish also empowers brands to integrate with other products that can help bolster their eCommerce offering. PayPal, SugarCRM, Netsuite, Magento and more, are all welcomed with open arms.

Learn more about eZ Publish and eCommerce.


Marketing automation has rapidly emerged as the next big thing that brands should be engaging in. Marketing automation systems have sprouted up everywhere, built to work alongside a CMS.

However, just as it does with eCommerce, eZ Publish Platform cuts out the middleman by housing such features within itself.

eZ Publish boasts Marketing Automation, Smart Analytics, Personalization, Recommendation and Optimization features, to ensure that no web property ever goes unnoticed or untracked.

For example, eZ Live Viewer, using live analytics, tells you how a website’s content is performing in real time, by sending alerts and recommending changes that improve content performance.

Meanwhile, eZ Recommendation heightens the personalization level of a web property, by recommending; news, images, videos, products and events to users in real time, based on their behaviors.

Learn more about eZ Publish and marketing solutions.

To find out more about eZ Publish, check out eZ Systems’ website. You can also request an eZ Publish Demo to try it for yourself.

Stay tuned for a separate post from eZ Systems regarding their next generation content management solutions, eZ Platform and eZ Studio, launching in Q4 2015.