eZ Systems Set to Launch eZ Platform and eZ Studio

Content is increasingly one of the most valuable business drivers across all industries, and we at eZ Systems work to simplify the way organizations create, deliver and optimize it.

Fueled by over 15 years of organic development, eZ is on the brink of releasing its next generation content management solutions, eZ Platform and eZ Studio.

Unifying the power and flexibility of our current platform eZ Publish with increased scalability and a fresh, modern UI, eZ Platform and eZ Studio signify a leap forward for the company. But more importantly, our new solutions will give developers, designers and content creators better tools to build remarkable digital experiences.


eZ Systems will launch eZ Platform and eZ Studio, pictured above, in Q4 2015

Showcasing a layered approach to our content management infrastructure, eZ’s new stack features an entirely rewritten open source foundation, eZ Platform; an easy-to-use content creation center, eZ Studio; and a portfolio of cloud services for personalized content, real-time analytics and marketing automation.

Designed with technologists and business users in mind, the platform will streamline development processes, improve user efficiency across the board and, we believe, make creating content a delight.

“With our fully featured REST API and structured content repository, eZ Platform will allow developers to customize, extend and scale their sites and apps with more ease than ever before,” said Roland Benedetti, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at eZ. “And in eZ Studio, content editors will see vast improvements in their daily experience with the system. They will also be able to set more flexible workflows and build sites and apps with intuitive in-page editing, increasing productivity and collaboration.”

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Accelerating Development with the Symfony Full-stack Framework

Like its predecessor eZ Publish Platform 5.0, eZ Platform is built on top of the Symfony full-stack framework. This means any organization using eZ can integrate any Symfony bundle available today or in the years to come. An example of this comes from one of our dedicated partners Netgen, who integrated the Symfony-based e-commerce solution Sylius into eZ.

Symfony has become the leading PHP framework and organizations who adopt it stand to benefit tremendously, especially when it comes to unifying and standardizing their PHP-based application development processes.

Other CMS like Drupal have followed their own approach with Symfony but in our case, Symfony developers can take full advantage of eZ’s capabilities without modifying the way they work. This means expedited development and faster time to market.

Interested in learning more? Check out our blog for various posts on Symfony.

“A Major Milestone”

If we step back to the beginning of eZ Systems, the company has always followed an open source development model. Openness and collaboration are core values at eZ, and we’ve seen substantial growth within the eZ Community.

Today, we have over 45,000 developers and content experts worldwide contributing to the eZ roadmap as well as Symfony, PHP, Lucene and other initiatives in the LAMP stack.

“From the beginning, we thought of eZ as an open source development platform where content is separated from the delivery channel and where organizations can build unique digital experiences,” said Bård Farstad, co-founder of eZ Systems. “We've always been classified as a CMS but we always knew our solutions were much more.

“The release of eZ Platform and eZ Studio is a major milestone for us,” he added. “It comes at a time when organizations recognize the need for a content- and user-first approach to grow their businesses, one where engagement is highly personalized and the right content flows into the right channel at the right time.”

For their new platform, eZ Systems will offer online and in-person training, certification and professional support and services to enterprise customers.

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