Elcom 8 will focus on Social Intranets

As companies grow the need for great interdepartmental communication becomes even more important. Telephone and email are great tools but do not completely fill that need. The introduction of social intranet solutions is a big step towards a unifying employee communication.

Elcom CMS is stepping in and providing such a solution with their upcoming release. A leading provider of enterprise web content management, Elcom's release of version 8 will decidedly focus on social intranets. As companies evaluate the purchase of a CMS this feature will no doubt be on the “wish list.” Elcom is very excited about this new release:

Anthony Milner, Elcom’s Product Director, commented “elcomCMS 8 is a major release and is literally bursting with great new features. It has a strong focus on social collaboration, calendaring and team workspaces, so if you’re evaluating Yammer or other similar solutions, we suggest that you down your tools and take a look at what we’ve delivered. We’ve also been working hard on delivering a fresh user interface which is targeted at ensuring the elcomCMS experience will delight our users and help you get the job done quicker.”

Elcom’s General Manager, Ryan Bloch followed on with “It’s an exciting way to start the new financial year. For over 15 years we’ve been working with organizations to deliver outstanding intranets. We can proudly say that this next release will take our intranet offering to the next level. We understand corporate intranets, we understand the best-practices and challenges, we have the experience and now we have great social tools to help organizations shine a light on hidden pockets of talent and bright ideas.”

Elcom 8 has an official release date of Tuesday July 10 2012. CMScritic will covering this release in more detail as it becomes available. For more information visit www.elcomcms.com.