The eFileCabinet App: A Mobile Document Management System

Now that we have all been introduced to the storing, searching, and sharing capabilities of eFileCabinet, it’s time to check out just how useful this DMS can be outside the office.

Ranked as the top mobile document management software by Business News Daily, eFileCabinet boasts a native iOS and Android app that enables individual users to access their accounts – and therefore their data – from absolutely anywhere with an internet connection.

Not only is this app ideal for companies that regularly send out employees for client meetings, it’s also convenient for entrepreneurs who are constantly on the move, but need unobstructed and secure access to their vital documents.

Here’s an introductory video of the eFileCabinet app for you to get started.

The Benefits of the eFileCabinet App

The access of eFileCabinet through the mobile app is simple and quick. After your first time logging in to the app, you are prompted to choose a 4-digit pin, enabling even easier access in the future.

Once you are logged-in, you have access to any and all of the files or folders that you can access from a desktop.

The interface isn’t just responsive, it’s built for smartphone and tablet screens from the ground up.

The ‘Recents’ tab shows you a list of all the recent files and folders you have been working on, even if you were accessing them from your desktop back at work. Despite all these benefits, the mobile app is just one aspect of what makes digital document management great as a whole.

The ‘Favorites’ tab is self-explanatory, as it shows all the documents you have favorited so you never lose sight of your most most frequently used files. Favoriting new files on a mobile device is also easy, taking just two clicks.

As for the ‘Checked Out’ tab, this allows you to view the files that you have checked out of your digital cabinet. From there, you can quickly view each document, and even search it for specific words, all from your phone or tablet.

You can also scan documents into eFileCabinet directly using your camera, so those new documents you receive at a meeting can go onto the system instantly – even before you head back to the office. This allows your colleagues to access and review those files before you return to the office.

The eFileCabinet app also lets you save files, photos, and videos received via email.

And finally, sharing documents from the app is just as easy as it is on the desktop version of eFileCabinet. You can select multiple files at once, including large file sets, and choose to send them to a colleague or client, all from within the eFileCabinet app via SecureDrawer — a secure client sharing portal with bank-grade encryption that overcomes breach-susceptible aspects of traditional email.

The Digital Wingman

To be frank, there’s not a lot the eFileCabinet app doesn’t do when it comes to file management.

Being able to access, scan, search through, favorite, and share company files from your smartphone or tablet – in a way that enables all your colleagues to also access it immediately – makes the eFileCabinet app the ultimate wingman during client meetings.

However, all this accessibility does not compromise the app’s security: all your data is backed up and kept secure via the pin access code and other features within the app, including role-based user permissions.

There’s no more fumbling through a bag for folders, or worse yet, forgetting them back at the office – because every single piece of data your company has is already with you, all the time.

To learn more about eFileCabinet, check out their website. Plus, stay tuned for more coverage during this eFileCabinet Featured Week.