Ecwid Introduces Improved Order Statuses

Ecwid has taken steps to improve their order status listings, making them more descriptive.

Powering over 500,000 online stores across 175 countries, Ecwid is a popular eCommerce platform with a growing user base.

The new order status system will help existing and new Ecwid merchants by making order management easier for them and their customers. Let's take a look at how Ecwid hope to achieve that.

Five Order Status Improvements


Ecwid have implemented five changes to their order status system, covering more bases and making situations easier to understand for both merchant and customer. Here they all are:

1. Two New Statuses

  • Refunded in the Payment statuses list
  • Returned in the Fulfillment statuses list

Ecwid have decided that ‘refunded’ and ‘returned’ each deserve their own status to allow merchants to better track their sales and react to any possible issues.

2. “Queued” & “Accepted” Statuses Renamed to “Awaiting Payment” & “Paid”

These two new names better describe whether the money has been received from customer or not. This update is sure to clarify each status for both the merchant and the customer.

3. “Declined” has merged with “Canceled”

Although an order becomes Declined or Canceled under different conditions (declined is set by the payment gateway while Canceled is set manually by store administrator), the store owner sees both as a canceled order. Now, the formerly independent Declined status appears as Canceled.

4. “Chargeable” Replaced with “Awaiting Payment”

Ecwid have claimed that the Chargeable status became redundant because it is either Queued or Awaiting Payment. To eliminate unnecessary complexity, Chargeable no longer exists as a separate status.

5. “New” Renamed to “Awaiting Processing”

Similar to Awaiting Payment in the payment status list, Awaiting Processing will say much more to merchants and customers about state of the order rather than New.

And that's it. Subtle changes for some, but they will come in very handy for merchants – especially for those with large amounts of orders.

To learn more about these Ecwid changes, check out the official blog announcement.