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CrafterCMS, an open-source Git-based headless CMS for enterprises, announced the general availability of its version 4.0 – which offers a number of new feature upgrades and composable capabilities. 

First and foremost, version 4.0 will allow users to work locally in teams via an API-powered Git repo. This gives developers greater control over versioning while enabling them to work in their preferred languages with their favorite tools and processes. According to Crafter, its flexible headless architecture provides everything a user needs to create modern digital experiences and connect to a wide array of omnichannel endpoints – including websites, mobile devices, kiosk screens, email, video, and more.

New features focused on composability

Version 4.0 includes three noteworthy upgrades. The first is a new Experience Builder for composing digital experiences from reusable plug-ins and components. The Experience Builder also provides in-context editing and preview features that support all front-end technologies and any digital channels.

Along with Experience Builder, there's also the new Crafter Studio content authoring application, built-in React on top of CrafterCMS's API-first headless content authoring platform. According to the company, Crafter Studio enables content teams to create, edit, review, and publish faster and more productively than ever before.

Finally, Crafter has introduced a new plug-in framework and expanded marketplace, allowing developers to quickly build and easily maintain reusable components and back-end integrations.

"Our new content authoring tools enable content teams to easily compose any type of digital experience," said Russ Danner, VP of Products for CrafterCMS. "Through drag and drop experience building, in-context content creation and editing, and low-code/no-code reusable plug-ins in our expanded CrafterCMS Marketplace, enterprises can rapidly compose digital experience applications faster than ever before. With CrafterCMS version 4.0, we've built a best-in-class content authoring experience delivering unprecedented capabilities for a headless CMS. Developers can build apps with any type of front-end technology, while content authors benefit from powerful and easy-to-use capabilities regardless of the technology or digital channel."

Improved plug-ins, "frictionless collaboration", and more

With version 4.0, CrafterCMS is providing enterprises with a modern headless CMS with composable digital experience platform (DXP) capabilities. For example, plug-ins may be used by administrators to compose tailored authoring experiences for a variety of content management use cases and by content creators to compose engaging digital experiences for end-users.

CrafterCMS version 4.0 also improves on its Git-based content repository as well as support for its DevContentOps processes – enabling what it calls "frictionless collaboration" between content authors, developers, and operations. The types of digital experiences powered by the headless CrafterCMS platform at major enterprises today include large-scale personalized enterprise websites, global e-Commerce sites, OTT video experiences, native mobile apps, employee intranets, customer and partner portals, digital assistants, digital signage, AR/VR experiences, among others.

CrafterCMS version 4.0 community edition is available immediately for free download under the GPL v3 open source license, and the enterprise edition is available for customers and certified partners through the CrafterCMS customer support portal.

The announcement of version 4.0 comes on the heels of the second round of financing that Crafter closed on this past March. We had the opportunity to interview Mike Vertal, CEO of CrafterCMS, shortly after the investment news about the company's plans for the future.

About CrafterCMS

CrafterCMS replaces the broken paradigm of traditional content management and enables a new era of fast, agile, and easier development of innovative digital experiences that benefits large enterprises and fast-growing startups. As an open-source, API-first, and Git-based headless platform, CrafterCMS is amazing for developers, easy for content authors, and fantastic for DevContentOps. Enterprises can choose from support options that include self-hosted/self-managed, fully-managed private SaaS/PaaS in the cloud, and community-supported open source. Learn more about the open source project at, and enterprise solutions at