Concrete5 Marketplace Gets Backup Pro

Concrete5, the winner of the CMS Critic Award for Best CMS for Designers of 2015, has approved Backup Pro for inclusion into the Concrete5 Marketplace.

This means that developers of Concrete5, version 5.7 and above, can have a solid backup solution built just for them that's been vetted and approved by the Concrete5 community. This marks the 6th version, and 5th CMS, that Backup Pro has released for, previously releasing versions for WordPress, ExpressionEngine 2&3, PrestaShop, and Craft.

Backup Pro - Dashboard

If you're not familiar, Backup Pro is a CMS agnostic backup plugin/module/package for various content management systems. Backup Pro has been around for over 5 years and been under development the whole time, constantly adding new features and innovating, and contains everything a solid disaster recovery solution should have.

You can take backups from web requests, REST interaction, and the console or terminal, store backups wherever you need (Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, Dropbox and 5 other locations), and customize the “what” and “how” to your hearts content.

And now, Concrete5 users can backup their website files and database using Backup Pro, being as granular as they need/want, and then store those backups where ever they need in however many copies they need.

You can purchase Backup Pro for Concrete5 from the Concrete5 Marketplace as well as