CMS Critic is Touring North America and Europe this Year.

This year, CMS Critic is doing something that has never before been done in the industry. We're touring both North America and Europe to meet with interested vendors to learn (and share) about their products and the people behind them.

For our audience:

We'll be giving you a unique behind the scenes look at some of the top content management companies in the world at what (and who) makes these companies tick and is something you can only find right here.

For interested vendors:

While I'd love to spill the beans right here and now, this is a very unique offering and I'd hate to steal the thunder from the companies who are participating. Let's just say that this is what CMS Critic is known for, giving you material that you can't find anywhere else.

We've almost sold out completely in California but have a couple of spots that can be made available for interested vendors. We'll also be touring the East Coast before heading over to Europe for the European portion of our tour.

Piqued your interest? If I haven't contacted you already, then please drop me a note to for details.