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CMS Critic Interviews Emmanuel Garcin of Jahia ahead of JahiaOne

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JahiaOne kicks off tomorrow and to give you some insight into the men behind the vision at Jahia, we've taken the opportunity to sit down with two major players in the executive team.

This second interview is with Jahia's Chief Operating Officer, Emmanuel Garcin.

With a massive cash injection earlier this year, it seems like Jahia is destined for some pretty substantial growth over the next few years.

Tune in to find out how they are making use of this opportunity to steadily and intelligently improve their user experience platform for existing and future customers.

To learn more about Jahia, visit their website or tune into our Twitter profile starting tomorrow to see live tweets from the event under the hashtag #jahiaone.

Uncategorized / CMS Critic Interviews Emmanuel Garcin of Jahia ahead of JahiaOneLast updated on June 10, 2015
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