Arastta: Community Driven & Open Source eCommerce


Community and Open Source are becoming the two fundamental assets of the software world. Giant companies like Google, Apple and even Microsoft started to develop services based on open source environment.

eCommerce and CMS (content management system) world is familiar with open source since there are big services which share their codes with everyone on platforms like GitHub. But sharing the source code with everyone doesn’t completely fulfil open source philosophy. Because strong, open, vibrant and a volunteer-friendly community is needed to make that project successful. We can see such examples from WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc…

Arastta eCommerce is an open source project which is driven by its community. For a relatively new startup project Arastta has a great community sharing ideas, translating into different world languages, reporting issues and bugs, contributing the source code and helping to plan the future of the project.

Taking part in the Arsatta community is very easy. Anyone can register on any Arastta web sites (,, and Arastta Marketplace), with a single account.

After you sign up, the following participation channels are available to you:

  • Community: All community related activities like being friends with others, joining groups and events, creating your own groups etc
  • Forum: For the technical and “how-to” questions
  • Ideas: Months before the major release of an Arastta version, developers always check Ideas section of the site to understand what is needed and asked by its users and community. And then developers do their best to implement and include those most voted features or needs into the next release
  • GitHub: Open Source contributing platform for the users who are able to code and develop with PHP, JS, CSS etc
  • Translating: Translations are the essential part of the Arastta project since it’s a global project. Thanks to volunteered community members Arastta is translated into more than 35 languages. Everyone can translate Arastta into their own language or contribute the current translations via Crowding service.
  • Sponsorship: A great way to contribute Arastta project while promoting your commercial service or product to the Arsatta community
  • Arastta Cloud: Another great way to support Arastta project is the Arastta Cloud service where users can signup for a recurring cloud plan and use their Arastta store on the cloud servers specifically optimised for Arastta. Also auto-backups, one-click restore, support from experts are included in the packages. Thus users will be able to run their Arastta store on a strong infrastructure while supporting the project financially.

You are all invited to contribute Arastta project!

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