A Look At Agility CMS' Focus On Customer Relationships

To round off our featured week with Agility CMS, I’m taking a look at the company’s focus on its relationships with customers.

Agility CMS serves up cloud-based digital content management solutions for leading brands across the world.

Previously, Mike Johnston was able to interview the Founder of Agility, Jonathan Voigt, before being given a sneak peek at the latest Agility project due to be released later in 2015.

I then personally shone some light on the company’s fun-loving and charitable culture, before exploring Agility’s stance on CMS “feature bloating”.

For now though, it’s back to Agility’s client-centric approach.

That Personal Touch

“We try to add that personal touch to each interaction. Time and time again, our customers rank support high on the list of our best attributes.”

That’s the way Agility chooses to present itself. A content management system that actually personalises its approach for each client.

During his recent interview with Mike Johnston, Agility’s CEO and Founder Jonathan Voigt echoed this sentiment:

“We’re very customer centric. We work very closely with our customers to understand what their needs are, doing content architecture properly with them, and making sure that the system is configured properly.

A lot of CMS vendors will give [this job] to partners or just let you go with it, but the CMS is only as good as the implementation.”

Admirably though, there’s more substance to this claim than mere words. A quick look at a selection of Agility’s case studies reveal just how tailored their approaches can be.

First of all, let’s take a look at the work Agility did with Compass Group Canada. The project required complex dining plans, locations, menus, calendars, online ordering, social media integration, and more.

Yet the outcome was a resounding success thanks to Agility’s close assistance.

Another example lies in Agility’s involvement with Cineplex Entertainment. This project required Agility to exercise its technical abilities, with the website in question requiring better performance levels, scalability and language support.

Agility delivered through, giving Cineplex the ability to handle more traffic, and manage content is a more effective fashion.

Leading With Service & Building Trusting Relationships

I also managed to ask Agility’s Head of Client Strategy, Brian Chung, some questions about the way Agility deals with each client.

He expanded on the way Agility feels about itself as a service provider, as well as a CMS:

What is Agility's number one aim when it comes to working with a new client?

Agility is founded upon core values important to our success – a couple of these being: Leading with Service and Building Trusting Relationships.

So with those core values driving the vision, our number one goal, really, is around being the best at Customer Satisfaction when it comes to working with new clients.

When it comes to supporting clients, how is Agility different from its competitors?

Realizing that we are competing within a fairly mature industry, it is key to have a competitive differentiator.

Many of our customers require customized solutions to meet their very specific needs, and Agility offers unparalleled support in helping each customer get the most out of their instances – from the very beginning of a project with wireframing, architecture, development, training and more.

We continue to work with customers well after a site launches and maintain strong relationships with them to help their solutions evolve.

To find out more about Agility CMS, visit their website, or check them out through our CMS Directory.