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This month's edition of CMS Critic recommends... brings you our suggestions for most versatile content management systems. This can mean a lot of things so let's first clarify how we have made our selections.

First, the CMS must be able to be expanded upon, must be flexible and be used for multiple purposes.

Without further adieu, here are our recommendations for most versatile CMS (to date):

  1. Drupal
    It's not possible to speak about versatility and expandability and not include Drupal. Drupal is perhaps one of the most flexible platforms available, both in the commercial and free marketplaces.

    A large part of this is due to the fact that it really is a content management framework from the get go and can function in a myriad of manners.Some common uses of Drupal include: Intranets, Project Management Platform, Publishing Platform, External facing Website management and Social networking platform to name a few.

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  2. MODx
    MODx is incredibly flexible. This is especially so with their latest release, MODx Revolution, which can be used for pretty much anything and has a number of ways with which it can be expanded.

    MODx is effectively an application framework with a CMS built on top of it. While Drupal is also known as a framework, MODx does not have as steep a learning curve (in our opinion).

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  3. Plone
    Plone is based on Python and Zope and is another open source CMS that offers multiple uses. Plone offers exceptional security (and a fair learning curve if you are not familiar with the Zope management interface).

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  4. Concrete5
    Concrete5 has been widely adopted by a number of web development firms due to it's flexibility and ease of use. Amongst the competition, Concrete5 is perhaps the most user friendly with inline editing, plenty of plugins to extend it's functionality and very good support.

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Obviously, everyone has their own preferences but these are our personal favorites.

Do you have a favorites that you feel we missed? Add your comments below, we'd love to hear them.

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