Zorin OS 12.3 Released - Brings Better Wine Integration and Usability

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Zorin OS 12.3 Released - Brings Better Wine Integration and Usability

A new update to Zorin OS is now available that brings a number of usability improvements and better wine integration to the distribution.

Here's a list of some of the improvements:

  • Better Windows App Support
    A new version of Wine has been included in this update with Wine 3.0. Support for Direct3D 10 & 11 is included in this update amongst other things.
  • Custom Colours and Emblems
    Folders can now be customized with different colors and emblems making it easier to differentiate between them.
  • Printing Improvements
    A new indicator has been added so that when you send a job to the printer, it pops up a notification in the status area with the ability to view and cancel jobs as needed.
  • Window Previews & More
    In Window List layout, you can now hover over minimized windows to get a preview. You are also now able to pin and launch items from the panel.

For full details on this release and to download the latest version, visit Zorin OS.


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