Zoho SalesInbox Launched: World's First Email Client Designed Exclusively for Salespeople


Zoho, the company behind Zoho CRM, has launched Zoho SalesInbox, the first email client designed exclusively for salespeople.

Zoho SalesInbox derives customer data from Zoho CRM or Salesforce to automatically prioritize customer conversations, ensure salespeople never miss an important email, and provide full context for every email conversation.

Zoho SalesInbox works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, Zoho Mail and other standard email hosting services.

Here's a video to introduce Zoho's newest product:

“Transforming How Salespeople Interact with Email”

Zoho SalesInbox reinvents the conventional email inbox and organizes emails according to how important those emails are for a salesperson, enabling them to prioritize and focus on important customers and deals.

In addition, Zoho SalesInbox provides easy access to all customer and deal information and lets salespeople easily update their CRM data with a simple drag and drop.

Here's a summary of the key features of Zoho SalesInbox:

Hands-free Email Prioritization & Organization

With an innovative multi-column inbox layout, Zoho SalesInbox automatically organizes incoming emails according to the information stored in the user's CRM account — such as the deal status, size and closing date. This way, salespeople can easily spot the emails that require immediate attention.

Zoho SalesInbox allows salespeople to view and sort emails according to a number of criteria – such as lead source or associated customer value. In addition to the two predefined folders — Customers and Deals Closing This Month– salespeople can create their own dynamic folders so they can easily find the emails they are looking for.

Context in Every Email

With Zoho SalesInbox, salespeople can view the timeline of previous conversations with a particular contact, the size of their current and past deals, overdue tasks, missed calls, support tickets raised, social media mentions and other relevant information related to the contact – all from their email client.

CRM Updates Right from the Inbox

Salespeople can now take actions that previously required logging into their CRM, right from their inbox. When an email comes in from an interested lead, the salesperson can simply drag and drop the email from one column to another. By then adding some essential information, an opportunity is created in their CRM system while keeping their inbox organized.

Reminders and Response Watch

Most email clients allow users to set-up reminders for emails they need to get to. Zoho SalesInbox is unique in that it lets salespeople set reminders for emails they need to receive.

Whenever they send an email to a customer or prospect, they can set a time limit during which they can expect to hear back. Zoho SalesInbox, through the Response Watch functionality, constantly monitors the incoming email, and if it doesn't detect a reply during the allotted time, it lets the user know so they can follow-up. This allows salespeople to keep their deals moving.

Mobile Client Integration

Zoho CRM users can configure Zoho SalesInbox on their iOS and Android devices and map it to all popular email services, including Zoho Mail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook.

This enables salespeople to receive important information about the person sending the email and their accounts and associated deals, while still using the mobile email client they like. Zoho SalesInbox creates folders for “Closing This Month,” “Customers” and “Deals” to be shown along with the folders the user already has.

Helps Salespeople Send Better Emails

Thanks to its integration with Zoho CRM, Zoho SalesInbox users can receive detailed insights into how the emails they send are performing. Users can also see statistics about what email templates are performing best with customers and can receive detailed numbers on how many emails have been opened, read or clicked through.

Making Peace Between Email and CRM

Zoho's Chief Evangelist, Raju Vegesna, sees SalesInbox as the ideal solution to an old problem:

“Email and CRM are the two pieces of software that are the most critical for salespeople. Yet, they usually don't work together very well.

With Zoho SalesInbox, we're solving that problem and creating a new product category that transforms how salespeople use and interact with email.”

Zoho SalesInbox is currently available by request for all Enterprise customers of Zoho CRM and Salesforce users. SalesInbox is free of charge for Zoho CRM Enterprise subscribers and is $15 per user per month for Salesforce users.

To request access to Zoho SalesInbox, and find additional details, check out zoho.com/salesinbox.