YellowBrix unveils self-serve content syndication and analytics service,

YellowBrix has unveiled their new self-serve content syndication and analytics service, to the world.

What is it?

According to Jeff Massa, CEO of YellowBrix it's quite simply “RSS on Steroids”.

“It's simple like RSS but it has all of the sophisticated content analytics and contextual technologies we've spent over a decade developing — embedded within a single feed.  End result is a smarter, more relevant and measurable syndication solution to help businesses and publishers derive real value from the content they provide to their end users.”

The way the service works is to combine smart, classified content aggregation with a custom dashboard that tracks user activity across the internet, by industry, topic, geography and more.

Primary features include:

  • Content aggregation:  Aggregated content from over 50,000 global news sources and the ability for publishers to submit their feeds to the network directly
  • Categorization:  100s of categories to choose from; self-serve category creation and custom category development available
  • Entity extraction: metadata provided to include companies, products, people, cities to enable contextual linking and optimize SEO
  • Elimination of irrelevant and duplicate articles automatically – no redundancy
  • Easy-to-use service and flexible delivery methods: Self-serve platform with RSS or JavaScript delivery options
  • Custom dashboard:  Dynamic content analytics to visualize media coverage and measure user activity
  • Publisher services:  Automatic classification of their data, automatic indexing and delivery of content, priority ranking, increased visibility/ traffic and publisher dashboard

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