WP Engine Rolls Out WordPress Integrated Page Performance Tool

WP Engine, a WordPress hosting company, has announced the introduction of Page Performance, which will focus on delivering actionable insights for websites across its 47,000 customers and agency partners in 133 countries.


Impressively, this product launch makes WP Engine the first managed WordPress platform to offer a web page speed performance tool integrated into the user dashboard through which customers can quickly improve the speed of their websites.

WP Engine Page Performace

Here's a breakdown of the benefits brought forth by WP Engine's newest project:

  • Access to Key Metrics on Any Page with Report History to See Improvements Over Time. Report includes such metrics as cacheability, render start, visitor complete, render complete and other data.
  • Actionable Recommendations with Rich Context including links to a library of support material enable users to make fast, significant, measurable impact to site performance.
  • Integrated into WP Engine User Portal to support developer workflow.

“Helping Out Customers Win Online”

Website speed is a major part of Search Engine Optimization, and WP Engine have recognized this with this release, as Heather Brunner, CEO of WP Engine, states:

“WP Engine Performance Intelligence is our ongoing commitment to develop tools and insights to help our customers win online.

A website’s speed affects nearly every metric a brand or agency might care about from page views to conversion rates. Our Page Performance product gives you specific recommendations to do just that.”

According to a recent study published on KISSmetrics, a one-second delay in page load time results in 11 percent fewer page views; a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction; and a 7 percent drop in conversion. Thus proving that site performance can make or break a brand and a customer’s digital experience.

The aim of WP Engine’s Page Performance feature is to gives site owners a detailed site speed report and actionable recommendations to solve for technical issues impacting digital business.

I think WP Engine has made a strong move with this project. It's well established that site speed plays a big role in SEO and overall user experience, and a WordPress-integrated performance checker will surely play into the hands of SEO specialists who work with WordPress.

To find out more about WP Engine's new Page Performance features, check out their website.

And as per usual, you can explore and review this product through the WP Engine hub on our Hosting Directory.