Wix Reveals 50 New Tools, Apps & Templates

Wix users have been spoilt for choice this month, thanks to the popular website builder unveiling a whopping 50 new features.

As one of the world's leading website builders, Wix offers a user-friendly interface and a huge range of templates to help individuals and companies create simple, good-looking, and functional websites.

These 50 new features have been, “specially developed to help grow your business”, and so I'm sure Wix's 46 million-strong user base will want to get to grips with what's new.

Wix Update

From ShoutOut Newsletters to Mobile HTML Editing

From amongst the long list of tools, apps and templates listed by Wix, you'll find the following new Apps:

  • ShoutOut Newsletters: Send beautiful newsletters to your audience and increase customer engagement. You can also share eye-catching updates, news items, promotions and more.
  • Visit Virtual Tour: Give your website visitors a tour of any location with an interactive, 360° view.
  • Poll Generator: Add a fully customizable, mobile-responsive Poll to any webpage in seconds.
  • POWr Mailing List: Manage your email subscribers, collect user information, and grow your audience with this easy-to-use, fully-customizable Mailing List signup app.
  • Google Events Calendar: Organize your schedule and share important events with visitors directly on your site.

And those are just the tip of the iceburg. Further new features include mobile HTML editing to resize and reorder elements in your mobile site, store product image zooming, mobile page hiding, new button designs and much more.

Not to mention, Wix users can enjoy browsing through a over 30 new templates relating to business, sports, entertainment and food.

The full list of 50 tools, apps, and templates can be found here.

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